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Favorite romantic movie?

Asked by Kaela (11points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone

My recent favorites of romantic movies have been atonement, the notebook, and becoming Jane. Any other movies that are just as great?

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The note book with my g/f and try land of women that was pretty good.

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Not fully romantic but micro cosmos the one scene has been rated one of the top five love scenes ever in movies

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a lot like love.

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wicker park. This flilm has everything jealousy, revenge, mystery, and most importantly longing for a love lost and the desperate search to find it.

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Love Actually, Atonement, Bridges of Madison County, Truth About Cats & Dogs…the list is long…;-)

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I always go back to When Harry Met Sally. Guess it’s a guilty pleasure.

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Romancing The Stone

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“Jules and Jim” by Trouffart -I think

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*Francois Truffaut.

Casablanca, English Patient, An Affair to Remember;

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Young Frankenstein….
Everyone ends up in bed…

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True Romance<3

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here some new ones for the mix: Before Sunrise (1995) and its sequel, Before Sunset (2004).

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A walk to remember, the notebook, 27dresses, and p.s.i love you

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