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So what is the best movie to watch this Friday night?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27832points) October 21st, 2011

Any good recommendations? Thanks! : )

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This is subject to change, but right now Nightmare on Elm Street parts 1–3 are on the list for tonight as my wife is working late. Sunshine, Hellrasier II, and The Gate are also lurking at the edges. I don’t know that I’d call them “the best” but that’s what’s under consideration.

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Depends what kind of mood you’re in and what you like.

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We’ve been developing a list of movies that you might like to see someday.

Like @Adirondackwannabe says, “What do you like already?”

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@wonderingwhy Awesome! Sounds fun!

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@Adirondackwannabe No particular genre in mind just a good movie. And those playing in theaters are ok too. : )

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If you want a feel good sports movie Miracle on Ice would be ok, if you’re into history We Were Young and Soldiers Once (that one’s pretty intense) or for a funky music one The Jazz Singer. I’m not impressed with what’s in the theaters right now.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes, I’ve been meaning to see The Jazz Singer, thanks.

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@HungryGuy Yes! Saw that 10 years ago I think and it’ll be great to revisit this Halloween. : )

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Saw quintology. Dead Silence.

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I just watched Terminator 1 and 2, and forgot how much better number 2 was. One of those times when the sequel was actually better than the original, IMO. I forgot how good the music was too. Or maybe you could watch Tron (the remake) it was just completely awesome. :D

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I just saw “Talk to Her”, one of the best of the Almodóvar flims. Hable con Eella

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@Keep_on_running Agree on T2! As well as the other T2, Tron 2. Already saw it again on Netflix instant play. Gotta try it with headphones in a dark room. Lol.

@gailcalled Thanks, saw it before and yes, it’s very very good.

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Todo sobre me madre more Almodovar.

The White Ribbon, Caché, and La PIaniste: all directed by Michael Haneke


^^And another vote for Pan’s Labyrinth.

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@Keep_on_running I just finished watching T2 also. My husband and I went to see it in the theater when it came out in 91. We were just dating at the time. I can’t believe that movie is 20 years old now! It’s much better than the first.

Whatever you do, don’t watch Skyline. worst movie ever

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@jonsblond Lol. Goes to show my taste in movies is crappy! I actually liked Skyline! : )

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@mazingerz88 that’s funny =)

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Bitch Slap is always good on a Friday night. Plus Gabrielle and Xena are in it, which is, at first, the only reason I rented this.

…but now I own it.

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Let the Right One In(film)
The original, Swedish version. The American remake got great reviews but on my home screen, the cinematography was so poorly lit that I couldn’t make out what was going on most of the time.

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@Blueroses Awesome choice, I love that movie. I like the remake too, because it’s extremely loyal to the original. But still, I like the original better.

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I just re-watched the ‘94 film ” The Shawshank redemption” excellent movie about a guy in prison for a murder he didn’t commit and it has a great ending! :-D

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Don’t get “The Name of the Rose.” I loved the book but the movie is turgid and apparently filmed in lantern light, similar to the illumination of the early fourteenth century.

The BBC series, Foyle’s War, all ten episodes will keep you busy until Passover. A police detective inspector solves crimes during the distraction of WWII, in the southern seaside towns of Brighton and Hastings.

Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” “Manhattan,” and “Play it Again, Sam.”

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@gailcalled Thanks, I just saw The Name of the Rose again a few days ago. I haven’t read the book and have no doubt it is great reading but I find myself wanting to revisit this film probably once every 4 years. Could be the allure of watching dark tales unfold during even darker times.

I’ll check out Foyle’s War, thanks!

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@mazingerz88: It is visually very interesting:it is the story line that gets bogged down. Perhaps better editing would have helped. The camera was in love with the stuff. And Christian Slater (aged 15) was a wooden teen-ager with only three expression, none of which were particularly helpful to the drama.

All the sets, props, clothing, foodstuffs, and manuscripts are copies of the authentic articles.

Many of the props themselves are now in museums.

Apparently a lot of the movie was filmed in Rome, and the sky was usually too blue and bright. The director had six jeeps circling the set with smoke machines in order to replicate the gloomy atmosphere he wanted.

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@gailcalled Yes, its darkly atmospheric. I’m drawn to films like that. Bladerunner, Legend and one of my favorites, Ladyhawke! In my movie watching experience, there’s only a handful of movies I found to be well adapted from a book. I remember reading Patriot Games first and then enjoying the movie as well.

In most other cases, I get disappointed with the resulting film though so what I did was watch the film first and if I feel I want to enjoy it some more, I then read the book. Right now, I wish they would pursue production of that Dracula book, The Historian. I enjoyed that one.

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@mazingerz88: I just ordered a used copy of “The Name” from Amazon. I look forward to rereading.

Another of my favorite reads, “Corelli’s Mandolin” was make into a truly dopey movie. Someone cast Nicholas Cage as the romantic Italian captain. Who allows decisions such as that to stand?

I do remember Ladyhawke with pleasure. (was Michelle Pfeiffer in it?)

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@gailcalled I might just do that too about The Name. These days, I just download e-books from iTunes or Amazon Kindle so the temptation to do a buying spree is always there. I don’t have to worry about where to put the books having limited space.

I purposely did not see that Nicholas Cage movie after seeing the trailer many years ago because he was in it. Lol. There are other movies I prefer watching him do though. Yes, Michelle Pfeiffer ( lovely ) was in Ladyhawke and Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick.

It was not a solid film at all ( the experimental musical score? ) but Richard Donner directed it and the setting was the Dark Ages so…yeah, it was fun.

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