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Should I pull my cat's tooth?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 14th, 2010

Vet says our 9 yr old cat has lost some molars and has a loose cracked incisor. Vet wants to sedate cat, clean teeth, and pull incisor. Costs $400. Anyone have opinions on this?

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Sure, if you would pay $400 for that. It is probably painful to the cat to keep it in, and your cat would be pretty awesome with a missing front tooth.

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Do you have any reason to disbelieve your vet? You might ask your vet to show you which teeth are bad, and to see the cracked tooth. As for the actual procedure, assuming what he says is true, it sounds like that’s what the cat needs. To fail to do so will eventually result in infection, illnesses of various types, and/or premature death.

Also, at your cat’s age, some vets want to first run a test to make sure kitty’s heart can handle the strain of the procedure.

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Pulling the bad teeth is important to maintaining your cat’s good health. My 16 year old cat wasn’t eating well and was losing weight. The vet cleaned his teeth and pulled his 2 lower canine teeth and also treated an eye infection. Within a couple of days the old cat was acting years younger. I was charged less than $200 but I would have been glad to pay double that.

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It should be done under sedation but $400 is pretty high. Call around and check prices for feline dentistry with extraction. Our office didn’t charge more than $95 for that procedure. Even using laser to cauterize the gums didn’t exceed $200. Fees vary widely even in a small area. It often depends on the vet’s overhead; if they’re still paying for the building, equipment etc.

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Good god you should NEVER even consider pulling your own pets teeth. OK, imagine being strapped to a chair against your will or having a person much much bigger and stronger holding you, being very frightened and having one of your teeth just yanked out without anaesthetic or painkiller afterwards. Also giving furbabies a human painkiller (in case thats what you’re thinking about) can kill them by damaging organs like their liver, kidneys etc.

Our furbabies depend on us for everything, they need us to do whats best for them, please don’t let your little angel down like this. If he/she has a broken tooth, poor baby will be in pain already. As other jellies have said sweetheart, your honey is 9 years old and the vet will have to runs bloods etc to check that being sedated won’t be dangerous, and the diseases which can follow from gum infections/poor oral hygene can be devastating, just as with humans. Shop around local vets but please don’t skimp when your baby is suffering.
hugs honey xx

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I’d do it. I wouldn’t want my babies suffering with an achey tooth every time they tried to eat.

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Even if you did pull the tooth on your own that will have no bearing on infection.

If there is an underlying abcess or infection the cat will still need to be treated with an anti-biotic.

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Don’t even think about pulling it yourself.

But how did the vet determine it is cracked?

Bad teeth are a big problem for older animals so I wouldn’t ignore it, but I might check with another vet just to be sure.

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I really don’t think the OP was considering pulling the tooth at home. I read it that way at first also but on rereading I’m pretty sure the question is only about having the vet do the procedure.

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Get you cat’s teeth fixed. Dental care is part of your contract with your pet.

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Thanks all. Yes, no I wasn’t intending to ever do it myself, just sloppy question title. Can’t imagine touching her tooth let alone yanking it out!

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