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How can I get proof that my Precious' anal glands have been expressed?

Asked by Vunessuh (16709points) December 16th, 2010

I took my dog, Precious, to the groomers and one of the services they offer is anal gland expression. I paid damn good money for it, so how do I know they had that end covered?

Is there a way to tell? What proof can I look for?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Next time insist on before and after pictures! Everyone knows that! XD

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Was she licking and scooting on the floor before your appt? If she isn’t now, they took care of it. Otherwise, there’s no way of knowing. Many dogs never need their glands expressed by hand but if the groomer offers the service as part of the package, I’m sure they probably did the deed.
It’s possible that there was nothing to express.

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If you don’t trust the groomer, why do you do business with them?
Take a few tissues in your dominant hand, surround Precious’ anus with your finger tips and apply inward pressure on the surrounding tissues. Examine the tissue for large amounts of smelly, greasy secretions. If you don’t find any, chances are good the job was done right.

Of course, if you can do that, you do not require a professional to do this job in the future!

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You could ask them to save the cotton pad and take a good whiff of it :>)

Anal gland secretions have a pretty distinctive smell.

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WTH @Vunessuh!! Do you realize how this question looks??? If it wasn’t you, I would have flown on by, just because I don’t consider my anal glands to be precious!!!

Anyway, now that I’ve read it, I have no idea, and….why is that procedure necessary in the first place? Maybe the sniff test? Edit—O, hai. I said that before I read CrisW’s response!

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Part of paying good money for anything is never having to question whether the money was well spent! I’d be bragging over your haute anal gland expression expenditure! People will be impressed!! I was ;)

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This has to be a joke, @Vunessuh!

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Some dogs have to have their glands expressed often, as in daily or weekly. The “butt-juice” definitely has a distinctive smell that is different than regular doggy do. It’s stinky in a metallic sort of way.

I’m not sure how you would be able to tell if your groomer did it or not, but you should ask your vet (or look online) to see how often your breed of dog needs to have it done. It’s pretty easy to do it yourself, if you need to. As long as you’re not too squeamish about stinky fluids. It washes off easily.

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