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Have you ever wished that you had another sibling?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) December 16th, 2010

Okay, so I do have siblings, but I’ve always wanted an older brother for some reason! I have an older sister, she’s there for me and guides me when I have questions about what she’s already gone through… Her and I are also very close! I love her to death and I’m glad that she’s there for me. But, I wouldn’t mind having an older brother as well. :P

The brother that I imagine would be protective and I would probably idolize him… Watching the relationships between siblings, and especially older brothers, have always made me somewhat jealous!

What about you? Have you ever wished you had another sibling that you don’t already have? Or for those who do not have any siblings, would you want a younger brother/ sister, or older sister/ brother, and why?

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No, but I sure wished I could trade in my brother and sister for more sporty models.

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I have enough I have an aunt that is like my sister and three younger siblings and several adopted ones (I did myself)

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First, everyone I know with an older brother was mostly beaten up by them. That fantasy about a protective older brother is overrated in my opinion.

I have one sister. We were very close until last year. I am 42 years old. Talked almost every day in adulthood. I won’t go into why we are estranged right now, but it is not my choice. Once, when I was around 11 years old, so she was 8 or 9 she told my mom she wished she had more sister because she liked having a sister so much. Awww. I totally agreed with her. Siblings are the only people in your life who get what it is like tp be a kid in your own unique crazy family. They also are typically the people you have the longest relationships with. Longer than parents, children, or spouses.

I think I would have loved to have more siblings. Although, maybe it would have changed the dynamic between my one sister and me?

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@JLeslie; Oh wow.. well then! It may be overrated, but I have witnessed such a protective and great older brother.

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I do. I’m the only child of my parents, though they each had children with their previous spouses. I have four-half sisters and one half-brother. The youngest is six years older than me, the oldest 14 years older than me.

I was always envious of the relationship my father’s two daughters had. They were two years apart, and they are very close to this day. I always thought it would be neat to have a sister that was close to my age and we were best friends, just like my two half-sisters. I have this relationship somewhat with one of my siblings, but it doesn’t feel the same. I don’t know why.

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Three is enough, thank you. You can have one of mine. :)

As an older brother to two younger brothers, I can say that I was not the type who beat up on them (especially since I was always small and never much bigger than my little brothers…lol). I have an older sister as well and she’s awesome and one of the people I trust in most. I love all my siblings, but any more would be too many. :) I don’t mind being in the middle, either, that’s what I would choose if I could’ve chosen it.

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@curiouscat When I say beaten up, I mean in the sibling kind of way.

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@JLeslie I’ve had that before. Tickle me til it hurts and fart in my face. haha

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@DominicX; I’m the middle child too!:P

@JLeslie; oh, haha, I’m not sure what I thought when you said “beat”, it seemed somewhat ambiguous.

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@DominicX I think of older brothers hitting younger sisters. I was not thinking younger brothers. I think of boys wrestling each other. Although, my husband and his brother were not physical with each other, but his older brother was not a sports oriented physical boy. My nephew, when his little sister would annoy him, and would not stop when asked, would haul back and punch her in the gut to get her to stop. Oy. The family down the street from me when I was growing up, the three year old boy would ask to hold the baby or caress the baby. He would start nice, and then pinch or push her.

Whenever I ask a woman if her older brother used to beat her up, I always get a yes. Not that I go around asking the question all of the time. But, enough times to think it happens quite often.

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I have two younger brothers, but I used to wish I had a sister. I’ve seen lots of my friends have beautiful relationships with their same-gender siblings. Not that I don’t get along with my brothers, we’re pretty close, and actually I’m not sure that my brothers get along that well with each other. Of course I wonder what it would have been like to have a sister. She would have to be younger though, I enjoy my status as oldest sibling too much!

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I have enough older male cousins that act as brothers.. so I’ve never felt the ‘need’ for lack of better word for an older brother. Plus most boys I know are bathroom hogs, and I couldn’t deal with it on a daily basis. Though, it would have been nice to had help during the long days at the ranch.

As for siblings in general.. this is something I’ve always struggled with answering.

My sister is severely disabled and requires a lot of attention.
I’ve never really had a ‘normal’ experience with siblings. If there even is a normal.

Until I got to my sophomore year and really had to start worrying about losing her, I had always been a bit bitter towards her.
It’s hard being a little kid and having to be put on the back burner because your sister is read: seems more important. Its frustrating not having anyone to split chores with (especially when your parents are lazy fucks and make you do everything).
It’s not fun to have to spend birthdays home alone because your sister is in the hospital and kids aren’t allowed as visitors.
It’s not fun to not have anyone at home to talk to.
It’s not fun to hear your classmates talk about how awesome it is to spend time with their siblings. “What the fuck. I get to watch Barney with my sister.. that’s it.”
It’s not fair to know that my sister isn’t going to be around for much longer, then I’ll technically be an only child. I dread the day that the house is going to be quiet. My sister is the only one who really makes noise. Nobody else talks to each other.

But at the same time.. I would never change my life for anything.

I know I’ve become so accepting of people because of my sister, and that to me is awesome.
In elementary/middle school, my classmates would call each other “retarded” or hell, call the special ed. students “retarded and make fun of them. I’m so glad that I have my sister in my life to show me that there really isn’t anything to make fun of about the disabled. Fuck, I’ve had more fun volunteering at dances for handicapped people than I had at any high school dance. The Down Syndrome crowd = the best dancers.

I think this is where I need to stop typing because I’m too stoned to think about what I just wrote.

tl;dr: Yes, I’ve wished it.

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I also wish I had a sister. I was just babysitting these wonderful girls, and they’re super close, I love watching them together. However, I feel that I would be different if there was another daughter in the family, so I’m content with my brother.

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I always wanted a younger brother or sister, just someone to play with. I have older brothers and sister, but they’re much older than me and when I was a kid I never had anyone to play with. I wasn’t really allowed to play with my next door neighbor because he was a boy and there were no girls my age in my neighborhood. So yeah, I grew up alone, and I was never allowed to play outside because my parents were psycho over protective. I remember being 5 and begging my mom to have another child and she laughed and just said it wasn’t possible. I thought she was just being mean, but when I got older I understood why she gave such an answer; she was 42 when she had me. My childhood really sucked lol.

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I’m the youngest of 5 with 3 older brothers and one older sister. So I never wished for another sibling. My oldest brother was sweet and protective till he became a teenager. Then he became a total jerk and we never call each other.
My middle brother was a loner and a jerk to me. Teasing me just made his day. We bearly speak.
The next to youngest (me) brother was my best friend for years and continues to be so. I can’t say he was protective of me but I was of him. He was however the one who always noticed when I was unhappy when no one else would notice. We never had to say much to each other. Somehow we just always got each other without words. Till this day he is still my best friend (besides my husband) and he always seems to still know when I need a pick me up and he always knows just what to say to snap me out of a bad mood. Like wise with me. I can tell when he is hurt and till today, I can still get him out of a funk. My daughter also is good at getting him to laugh and forget his worries.
My sister is great but we are years apart, so we never were as close as I am with my brother.
He never felt like just a brother but almost like a twin. So he more than made up for the stinky brothers.
Now, like someone stated. It would’ve been great to trade my other 2 brothers but then I might’ve gotten something worse.

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@HearTheSilence; haha awe! My parents were overprotective too, but I can’t relate to being an only. I was allowed to bike on my driveway… but since you were an only child, it’s understandable why they were so protective. :P

@Pandora, yeah, my sister and I have a great bond as well. It’s amazing. :)

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I’ve always wished I had an older sister. My younger sister loves me. I wish I had someone to look up to like she does to me.

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I’ve got two brothers. A sister would have been nice too.

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I have no siblings and I often find myself fantasizing life with siblings. I picture a younger brother, one much like me so we would have activities to do together and possibly not fight as much. Being the bigger brother I would be able to look out for him, especially during the high school years. I would definitely be a great brother!

However, things could be quite different if I actually had a younger brother. Perhaps I would be a terrible sibling, who knows

….only in my fantasies.

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