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How would you justify cheating in this case?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) December 17th, 2010

In my engineering college many people cheat during exams.They bring chits or some even use bluetooth in exams.Some people never study during whole of the semester but do pass in the end semester exams,probably due to cheating.Many people do and many don’t.But it doesn’t feel good when person is studying to pass whereas the other manages to cheat in exams,they are maybe talented in this because they might have been doing it since a long time.But there are times when one gets irritated because of this,obviously he may not point out someone for cheating,nobody would want to mess up with that person.But he himself may try and cheat the next time,maybe to pass the exam or just get a more better grade.He may manage to do it and pass,but he may get caught.
My question is,
• In such a case when one gets caught,how can he justify his act of cheating in exam and defend himself,though he may or may not point out someone else who also cheats.
• In such a case if i find someone caught cheating and is about to be punished (his paper may get cancelled or he may get banned for short term) what can i say to the teacher?
You may exaggerate or quote some examples or make some excuses or anything you want,but say something that the teacher gives a second thought and may reconsider the punishment.

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There is nothing that you can say that will justify cheating.

Not that other people cheat too.

Not anything.

Just don’t do it.

You have the satisfaction of knowing that you earned your grade honestly no matter what others did.

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Nothing justifies cheating and the teacher should never have to think about the punishment. Cheaters are future criminals and government officials. Teach the little lazyasses a lesson now before it’s too late.

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There is no ‘justification’ for cheating, and, pointing out anothers cheating behavior is shifting the blame, rationalizing that because another cheats somehow this exonerates the gravity of your own cheating action.

Speaking up to the teacher about anothers situation is not your business, nor obligation.

Taking full responsibility and making no excuses is the only appropriate and mature response needed.

To attempt to defend yourself or another just makes you look foolish and dishonest, and that’s what cheating IS, dishonest!

Might as well steal the teachers wallet while you’re at it.

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You can’t really justify cheating even if others are, let alone if it seems that they are.
Other people have increased their assets by cheating on their taxes, but I assure you that the IRS wouldn’t therefore approve of my doing that too.

I would inform the teacher in private and request that they not identify you as the source in any way.

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I think you need to go pinch yourself… there is no way ever, you will be able to justify cheating. You understand right and wrong, yes?
It doesn’t matter that everyone else does it, you were born with your own brain. Dont follow the same path as the morons, follow your own and work hard. You will have a much firmer sense of self if you know you achievements were gained through your own merit, and not through cheating.

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Allow me to take a moment to echo the other’s sentiments, cheating is not justifiable. This is a classic case of “two wrongs don’t make a right.” If you put as much effort into learning the material as you do into figuring out how to cheat and how to justify cheating, you would easily have a 4.0.

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He murdered someone so it’s okay if I murder someone… No, pointing out that someone else does something wrong does not justify another person doing it.

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Lots of good advice came from your last cheating question. I don’t imagine you’ll get much support with this, either.

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The world isn’t fair. An attempt to make it fair does not “justify” cheating. You can not cheat to make things fair.

Perhaps you just want to figure out how to get away with it if you get caught. People usually deny, deny, deny. Even in the face of absolutely irrefutable evidence, they still lie. I think it works some times.

What do you want out of school? Do you just want a degree and you don’t care how you get it? Or do you want to learn something?

I know there are countries where everybody is always working an angle. China, for example, seems to have a long tradition of cheating in order to get through exams. Things may be different if you are not in the US.

If you are in the US, then cheating is taken very seriously here. Every college deals with it differently, though. Some have an honor code, and others depend on proctors catching the cheating. No matter how the school tries to prevent cheating, it is done to ensure that a good product (the student) is turned out and is employable. The diploma needs to mean something.

If you cheat, and then you get a job, and then you are responsible for a design flaw that causes the bridge to fall down and people to get killed, that’s on your head. Your classmates do cheat. That is no excuse for you to.

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Cheating is wrong…no matter how you look at it

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There is no justification for cheating, period. It is for this reason that my university had a no tolerance policy when it came to cheating. I happened to agree with this policy, especially since cheating was fairly rampant at school. I can’t think of a single thing you could say that would be something other than a lame excuse. Surely nothing that would convince a professor!

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@wundayatta : Yeah, I’m going to avoid that bridge, too.

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The cheater who gets caught can’t justify his act. “Everyone is doing it” is no justification. There is no justification to cheating. Some wrongs can be justified – like killing can be justified through self-defence. But cheating? There’s no defence, no justification. There is nothing that could (or should) cause a teacher to reconsider the punishment. If cheating is as rampant as you suggest, I think you should bring it to the attention of the administration (you don’t have to name any names), but this fact doesn’t make cheating any less of a wrong.

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Their out to be something,any excuse that would convince the professor?
There can be certain circumstances under which cheating would be justified? don’t you think so?
Even a murder done in self-defense is not punishable!
@wundayatta how can i deny when a cheat paper is seen on my table? What can i lie when it is found in my pocket somehow? Please give some examples.

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@gamefu91 There can be certain circumstances under which cheating would be justified? don’t you think so?

No I don’t think so. What circumstances are you thinking of?

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Makes a really good point.

Cheating only harms you and your career in the long run.

Great, my dentist cheated on the proper anesthesia protocol for nitrous oxide on his exam.
Nice….nobody will be laughing when I’m dead in the chair from an overdose. lol

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@gamefu91 You just do. I’m not going to tell you what to say. All I know is that people do deny things even when caught red-handed. Sometimes, I guess, it works, but I don’t think it works very often.

My advice is to study harder rather than to waste all your time trying to figure out how to cheat. You’re not going to get away with it. Even if you don’t get caught today, there will be some day, in some way, that you get caught. Do me a favor, though. If you ever do design a bridge, please let us know.

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@gamefu91 : Why are you so convinced that you’ll get support here with this? There must be a zillion sites out there that don’t give a crap whether or not you cheat, yet you still keep asking us. The definition of insanity: Repeating the same action again and again expecting a different outcome.

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@gamefu91 There is no excuse for cheating. Period. End of conversation.

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@wundayatta I wont be designing a bridge,but yeah your mobile,gps,laptop may have some contribution of me.And i don’t need grades to do things that i m actually good at.But still marks do count.Mostly everyone asks,‘what grade did you got?’

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@gamefu91 You don’t write like a native English speaker. Where are you from?

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It all depends on the class. Is this a class that has nothing to do with your career choice, and you’re just jumping through hoops with a bad teacher?

If that’s the case, I’d cheat, too.

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You cannot justify cheating.

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I am like you. i do not cheat. i studied my butt off for all the exams i had in the police academy. after all, its my life that is to be saved out on the streets and no one else’s.

I remember one final exam at the academy. two trainees were sitting in front of me and to the right. i could see they were swapping small pieces of paper with each other. there was writing on each piece. halfway through our final exam, a Lieutenant came back to these two and ordered them to follow him to an office. they had been caught cheating. they were given one choice, to take the final exam in separate rooms and pass or be dismissed from the police academy. both took the test and failed. they were sent packing.

I hate cheaters. they ruin it for everyone else.

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@john65pennington I don’t know that you are like @gamefu91. He was asking about how to cheat the other day, meaning that he would probably do it and plenty if he could figure out how. He’s just worried about getting caught, not the ramifications of cheating or it being wrong.

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There is not justification for cheating. Imagine if your doctor had cheated on his tests, would you want him operating on you?

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@GingerMinx It depends. If he cheated on his history or English test, I couldn’t give two shits about it. And if he’s a doctor – meaning licensed – then he has some experience, which is far more important to me, anyway. Over 50% off the stuff you learn in med school is so dated it’s irrelevant by the time you graduate, and those preforming hernia surgery don’t ever have to know the names of all the bones in your toes.

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*of, not off.

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Here’s a question that I asked awhile ago that is sort of on this topic Is It Better For Cheaters To Get Caught Now or In The Future?, which I might help you out some. The arguments are actually very interesting.

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@papayalily The English test would count for me. My husband had to have heart surgery and the doctor who released him from hospital could barely speak English, we went home with all the wrong instructions plus, he never told us that we were supposed to collect medication from them and had to go all the way back.

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@papayalily History and English don’t matter – we shouldn’t have to bother learning them? How are we supposed to communicate with each other? How are we supposed to understand the world we live in if we don’t understand the causality of it? I think the liberal arts are more important in a general way than anything else. Not everyone needs to know how to label a diagram of a cell or how to work through an algebraic equation but everyone needs to know how to communicate and examine the world with a critical eye!

Doctors more than most need to learn English. Not only do they communicate with their patients, but they need to talk with each other so that the medical practice can advance.

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@GingerMinx But isn’t that more of an ESL problem than a how well can they write a satiric essay problem?
@nicobanks That isn’t what I said. There’s a difference between learning the material and doing well on the test. Tests being too big a deal is a huge problem with education here in the states. I know tons of kids who come to class every day, take amazing notes, do all the reading, and generally know the material, but get mediocre grades because they don’t test well. On the flip side, I know kids who never come to class, don’t do the reading, and do really well on tests because they test well. To me, the system is cheating those who don’t test well out of a chance to prove themselves, and cheating all those around the kids who do test well but don’t know the material out of a realistic view. Not to mention that dates, which are often a part of history test, aren’t actually that important – it doesn’t matter when Martin Luther wrote his 95 Theses, it matters when it happened in relation to other things. The students who know that he was (making this all up here) a young lad when he wrote them, and it was only months after Papal Indulgences was introduced, and the shitstorm it set off happened immediately, rather than taking a few decades to happen – those students comprehend the material so much better than those who remember that Luther wrote his Theses in 1517 but can’t really related it to anything beyond “after 1516 and before 1518”. There’s a case to be made that students need to go through the thinking process that attending those classes will teach – that’s a totally separate issue from testing.

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@papayalily Yes it would be, but understanding the English language better by being able to use it in written form could help with their verbal use.

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If you must cheat in order to pass, change your major.

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cheating = bad
not cheating = not bad
If you could justify cheating, it wouldn’t be cheating.

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@PhiNotPi @BarnacleBill @GingerMinx @papayalily @nicobanks @troubleinharlem @klutzaroo @Kraigmo @Trillian @john65pennington
seeing so many people cheating on the exams,if someday a newbie tries to cheat but gets caught,there could be something that the cheater could say in his defence or i could say,so that he is not punished and gets a warning or so?
• If some people just don’t study and cheat in exams And another who could not study due to some problems and tries to cheat once,same punishment being given to both won’t be fair,is it?
And i asked this question in general section thinking i might get actual answers to my question ;) (don’t know if i phrased this correctly O.o)

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@gamefu91 So then flag any answers you don’t think are helpful as “unhelpful”.

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@papayalily – part of my brain says to flag the question itself ;)

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@gamefu91 I really don’t think your chances of getting even a lively debate regarding the culture of cheating, what to do about it, what causes it, the philosophical sides of it, etc are very high here – much less anything that could be construed as helping someone cheat. I think cheating is a topic that makes most jellies go into bumper-sticker-slogan mode, and the rest want to stay the hell away from the topic.
Which is sad, because since it’s mentioned in a class at least once a week, I think about the subject of cheating a lot and had some questions I wanted to ask on the topic. I’ve decided not to because of the knee-jerk reactions and fear of being misunderstood and shunned.

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@gamefu91, perhaps I should have left up the answer that I deleted above, which was this: cheating is never justified and is never rewarded. If one must cheat in order to pass an exam, one must give serious consideration to why one is in a field where one is not sufficiently interested in, or proficient in the content, to be willing and able to study for the exams and pass them on one’s own merit. A widespread cheating leads to the devalution of the degree from the university, because it means that it is turning out incompetent engineers.
Having competency in cheating is to have nothing.

There are a lot of things that engineers do that ultimately have dire consequences. Incompetency in civil and structural engineers can lead to buildings and dams that collapse, killing people. Incompetency in electrical engineers leads to systems failures that kill people.

No one who cheats is successful. Superficially, perhaps, but not indefinitely. Everything catches up eventually.

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@BarnacleBill that is why my university is not well respected.what would i gain getting a good grade from this university.People will still think/doubt that i cheated,what then? Better to cheat then and prove them right!

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Good luck with being trapped in childishness for the rest of your life.

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@gamefu91 What people? Do you think thta people have nothing bette to do all day than to watch you like you were E. F. Hutton? Don’t flatter yourself an stop lying. YOu cheat because you want to.
“nobody would want to mess up with that person…” – Fuck ‘em
“But he himself may try and cheat the next time,maybe to pass the exam or just get a more better grade” – Study harder and binge drink less. (more better? Really)
“You may exaggerate or quote some examples or make some excuses or anything you want,but say something that the teacher gives a second thought and may reconsider the punishment” – Um…. no. Think of your own lame ass, nippleheaded, loser excuses

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@gamefu91 No, a cheat is a cheat and the rules apply to all and so do the punishments.

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