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If you had to bring a robot to a robot fight, what one would you bring?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21648points) December 17th, 2010

This question is related to the question I asked yesterday:

If you had to bring a more or less humanoid shaped robot to a robot fight, what one would it be?

Please link to a picture if possible.

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I’d bring Twiki from the Buck Rogers show. He’s short enough to avoid a lot of hits, and short enough to deliver quite a few nut shots. :)

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R2-D2 of course. Little guy is a badass. He has lived through all the Star Wars movie and nothing phases that fearless warrior!

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Robocop, because he can kick the sense out of Chuck Norris.

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Danger Will Robinson!

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She’ll lose the fight, but what fun it would be to watch!

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Liberty Prime from Fallout 3.

He has an ultra powerful laser cannon for an eye, and he throws miniature nuclear bombs like footballs, all while spouting pro-American propaganda.


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Cheesy + superman’s powers = win

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Roy Batty

He’s seen things.

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Megatron from Transformers.That’s one bad robot.

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