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Was Lost the greatest show...or what?

Asked by Charlev (85points) December 17th, 2010

I am a teenager that has been faithful to the tv show called Lost….
Many people I know watched the 1st, maybe until the 2nd season…How can someone stop watching like that and then say…Lost sucks.. I did however watch all the seasons online all the seasons at once…

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It’s a good show. After the 2nd season, it loses its magic, but doesn’t stop being a good story. Watch all 6 seasons, but don’t go ga-ga over the show – it isn’t worth the effort.

In my humble opinion.

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No.Seinfeld was. ;)

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I watched for awhile, but I don’t like shows that set up fake emergencies and never solve them. The so-called mysteries just got too complicated and never made any sense.

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Or what. I did find Lost to be quite enjoyable but the second ending of the finale kinda ruined it for me. It should ended just the way it started, if that makes sense. I don’t want to spoil it fir those who haven’t watched it.

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I forgot to specify “Drama Show” not comedy or other genres.

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Lost, I thought, was alright. I only watch for Evangeline Lily though, and House MD always took priority over Lost.

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The answer you’re looking for is…. or what?

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I watched some episodes, then stopped, because I was bored to tears.

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I dodn’t like it as much as Firefly.

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I watched Lost pretty faithfully. I didn’t get into it until partway through the second season, when I got the first season on DVD as a gift. But I got caught up pretty quickly and stuck with it. I liked it a lot and was sad when it ended.

But in my opinion, the best drama I’ve ever seen was Battlestar Galactica.

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I was hooked but after season 3 it kind of Lost it’s spark for me. It had me so pissed I didn’t even watch the last 4 episodes at all, and don’t care to. I feel like I wasted so much time on that stupid show! But I have to admit the first 2–3 season were written very well.

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Thanks for the recommendations guys! And by or what? I meant ..Or what other show was/is the best..?

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V that stands for Visitors is also my favorite tv show… bad they’re making them “mini series” I have a V style by the way :)

In other words I like abc shows :) and fox too, but like Dr. House, Family guy etc…anyway I am open TO ALL GREAT SHOWS :)

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ONE LAST THING :) there is a game of LOST on xbox I believe, and I want that for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! haha

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Sorry, I couldn’t even get through the first episode of Lost before I lost interest in it. I’m more of a Big Bang, Glee and NCIS kinda gal.

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If you want to watch a great show, watch Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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