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If I am not going to the hairdresser during the holiday season, should I still give her a "holiday tip?"?

Asked by jca (36002points) December 20th, 2010

I last saw the hairdresser in late November and will not go again until January. Should I still give her a holiday “present” or am I excused from it since I will not be seeing her during the holidays?

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I think that depends on what your relationship with her is like, and what you’re willing to do. It’s a tough year for a lot of people.

If you have a little extra, it’s a nice gesture.

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It depends on how long you’ve been with her and what your relationship is like, as @Taciturnu said. If things are tight for you right now, don’t worry about it. If you have a little extra, she’d probably appreciate it very much.

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If she is your regular hairdresser and has been for sometime, I think you should give her something extra in January.

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I didn’t know you have to give your hairdresser a holiday tip. Must be an American thing.

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When it comes to giving tips the first true test is if you have the money. In all honesty when going someplace when a tip is expected you should figure it in the costs so you know you have enough. With something like this though if you can’t give then you can’t give and a thank you card will suffice. A thank you card is great no matter the circumstances.

My second thought is how often do you see your hairdresser? If it is on a regular basis and they do good work then I would say your hairdresser does deserve a holiday tip even if you don’t see them in December. There are still holidays in January and in November so missing Christmas doesn’t exempt you from the obligation. Anyhow, as I see it, it is more of a “year well done” gift than a “merry christmas” gift. This of course only applies if you do have the money to give a tip.

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If it isa hairdresser you see regularly, I would suggest you either stop by and give them a card and a tip or tip them at your first appointment in the New Year. I do not give out many tips at the holidays, but I do give my haircutter a nice tip. As @RedPowerLady says (hi there!), if you do not have extra money, then you could forego it.

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It would depend on how long have you gone and seen only her. And how difficult is the cut. If its always just a quick maintance hair cut and you tip every time, then I wouldn’t go out of my way.
If however the haircuts are always a long process, (weaves, dye jobs, curling, staightening along with the cut and style) and she always does an excellent job and takes her time, then I would tip her.
If you are always a generous tipper than I may also not go out of my way because she no doubt already counts you as a reliable and generous customer and she may not expect something for Christmas from you and she won’t want to jepordize any future generous tips.

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