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What ways to earn small bucks through the internet?

Asked by mea05key (1802points) December 21st, 2010

I need a side income apart from my permanent job income. Any suggestions on ways to earn money from the internet?

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You can make some decent money buying and selling off of E-Bay…. I did a lot of that
Some people I know make money on those “online surveys” but I don’t know much about that…

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You could search for medical test’s to sign up for, or use craigslist

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You can join some survey sites such as Lightspeed Consumer Panel. You earn points for completing surveys that you qualify for and you can turn in the points for cash, merchandise, gift cards. It doesn’t involve a lot of money nor is there a constant stream of it, but it’s a something that requires little effort.

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Oh my word.. I’ve been looking for years. No success so far..

I’ve done online surveys…. found them annoying and useless.
They dont work with full-time employment…. (unless you have time in your day job to sit beside your pc only answering surveys – they can go on for over 30 mins, then another will pop into your inbox blah blah blah). Personally, I began to find them irritating and not worth the hassle.

Medical tests – Check these out, but they are not regular and often can’t be fitted around full-time work. Worth a look… but urge caution! These ‘experiments’ can go wrong…

Advertising – Do you have a web page? You can earn money for having adverts on your web page. As I dont I never looked into this any further..

Not to be too negative, but if there was an easier and more straight forward way to earn money from the internet we’d all be doing it….
I certainly wouldn’t be an Office Cleaner in the evenings if there was an easier way to earn extra money.

Selling on E-bay – probably you’re best bet.

Scams – These make a lot of money. But if you’re a decent ‘uman being, you’ll avoid this one.

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I’d go with E-Bay^

Coloma's avatar is another E-Bay type site and I have a friend who makes several hundred extra dollars a month selling on etsy.

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Well, there are lots of ways to make a few bucks on the net. But , as with any trade, whatever you do online still needs to work in favor of your skills, what you can do and of course what you LIKE to do. Set up a paypal account first and foremost before anything else, if you haven’t already. This is how you’ll get PAID!!

Here’s some ideas to get you rolling. If you want to discuss more on how to make money online, feel free to PM me:

1) Make your own website. Create a site about something you love that can also be grown into something very popular. Once you’ve got a good site going, you can sell ads and text links. It costs about 10 bucks a year for a domain and about 8 bucks a month for hosting. I can refer you to a great hosting company if you’re interested.

2) Are you a writer? So many web hosts have need of content and not enough time to write it. Just look around and you’re bound to find lots of writing gigs that pay per article. Just be wary that you’re not getting scammed.

3) Be a Contractor. Set up an account at and take some tests, fill out your profile and start building a resume and portfolio. You can work for people across the globe on various projects, on your schedule (most of the time). It’s legitimate and oDesk protects its people.

4) Affiliate marketing – now we’re getting into the ‘spammy’ stuff, but it’s a good way to make money legitimately, without too many technical skills required. You’ll need your own website or blog to do this, although there are ways you can do it without your own site, as it’s being done quite a bit on Craigslist (much to the chagrin of CL , so don’t do that). Basically, it’s advertising on consignment. Instead of a big company, like HP, buying ad space on your little fledgling website (wouldn’t happen), you place ads for them on your site for free, and if they get conversions from your site, they pay you! If you wanna get started on that, the best place i’ve found is

5) Become a “domainer”. Like the big land grabs in the pioneering days, the internet is the new frontier. Think you know of a brand name, a fad, an up-and-coming company or popular idea that doesn’t have a website domain? Grab the domain for cheap while you can, then re-sell it to people who REALLY need it but weren’t as quick on the draw as you. It’s basically ‘flipping’ web domains with the traditional market strategy, buy low , sell high.

Well I’m not going to divulge ALL my secrets out here. PM me with more details about what you might wanna do and I’d be glad to talk with u when I can.

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There is a thing called Bitcoin, and if you answer a math question every 10 minutes, you get money, and can change it in the real life.

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