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Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last night?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20000points) December 21st, 2010

I watched it until the clouds moved in. Anyone else?

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Too cloudy here!

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Uggg….I wanted to..but too stormy to see anything…..I’ll just have to wait until it’s posted on YouTube….

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Clouded out. (To be honest, I was a little relieved. It was 19F out and the bed sooo warm and comfy.)

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No. I got up at 2 a.m. to look and it was too cloudy. I was so bummed out.

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No. Sorry, I slept right through it.

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Too cloudy over this way too.

The full moon came up huge during a break in the clouds, but…was blocked again within the hour. of my fav. things star gazing from my hot tub, but, alas…no room with a view last night.

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noooooo….cant believe I missed that!!!

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5:00 Got home, Beautiful clear night, 10:00 complete cloud cover.

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I checked at 1:30, (halo around moon); 2:00 when I was able to spot an eclipsed piece on the eastern side of the moon, about ⅓ of the surface (nice view from my dining room window),
3:00. sky looking very dark but no visibility, 4:00, sky even murkier.

When I had driven to town for a movie at 7:00. the full moon was spectacular. When I drove home at 9:15, everything was equally gorgeous. (Don’t bother seeing Love and Other Drugs.)

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too cloudy to see anything

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Too cloudy here, as well.

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YES!!! We saw it here and I have pics! So excited. Couldn’t believe the morning was clear enough, but the lower clouds got in the way as the moon set, and the ambient light was too much to see the brown orange colour, so all we saw was the moon disappear… and then it set and it was all over, but still, very cool and dramatic. I was standing at my open bedroom window, zoom lens on camera, camera on tripod, had the shutter remote going about every minute or so and me in my pjs and the temp outside was -15C. Do I love science and our Universe? Yes…. yes, I do.

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Peeked out the window at 2:45 but couldn’t see it. Might have been looking in the wrong spot.

(@gailcalled – Completely agree about Love and Other Drugs – what a messy mishmash!)

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My wife told me to come and see the lunar eclipse last night. She was using binoculars and pointed to it. She said look through the trees. I used a more powerful pair of binoculars and discovered that she was actually looking into the window of a house on a hill about a quarter of a mile away. Fortunately we didn’t see anyone mooning us. HA! Any way, I went outside and saw the real lunar eclipse at about 12 O’clock high through a thin layer of clouds. Too bad that it wasn’t a clear night here.

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Pouring rain here, so no.

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I caught the last half. Unfortunately, I slept through my alarm that was set to wake me at the beginning. I did get to see it reappear though. It was a beautiful night here too. What a remarkable way to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

Gods rest ye merry heathen folk, let nothing you dismay. Remember that the sun returns upon this solstice day. The growing dark is ended now and spring is on her way.

Blessings to all on this Winter Solstice Day! Oh tidings of comfort and joy!

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Woke up at 3 and smoked a few cigarettes in the park across the street. A bit chilly, but definitely worth it. It had cleared up here and was a beautiful night. A beautiful moon.

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Storms are still aplenty in Southern California. The only downside to the rain, really. I think it was an okay trade-off to miss the lunar eclipse this time around.

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@Claire_Fraser between you and I, we saw the whole thing!

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Yep it was pretty. I’ve never seen one before. So naturally I took tons of pictures.

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I got up at one o’clock and waited for almost two hours. There was an overcast, and I didn’t get to see the totallity.

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No, because it was raining.

If I heard correctly, almost all of CA is now covered by a massive storm system, so it could be that nobody in this state was able to see it.

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Couldn’t see a thing in our part of the SF Bay Area because of clouds.

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It was beautiful and fabulous and all the other wonderful adjectives… lovely! I set my alarm and stepped out to see it at the full covering and saw a deep reddish orange moon like I had never seen before! ;^)
A blood moon to be sure!

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I saw it. Beautiful. I even saw when it was almost completely covered, directly above the land here around midnight.

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We had a surprisingly clear night, with a break in the clouds between storms. It was easily visible to everyone and all those who went out to see it came home happy. I didn’t go.

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It sooo cloudy were I live too :( I tried.

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