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Why does time fly so fast when we're on the internet?

Asked by jca (36062points) September 29th, 2011

I come home and take out the laptop, and decide to check pm’s and email on about 5 sites I use regularly. 3 hours later…...

Why does time fly so fast when we’re on the internet?

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You’re having fun.

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I view the internet as virtually endless. It seems there is always another web page to view, countless news stories, videos and audios. Not to mention social networking which in itself can take up a lot of time. I’m really thankful that we have the internet for all the information, communication, and entertainment it offers.

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For me it doesn’t I would much rather have a job right now and this causes me both guilt as well as anxiety.


I think it’s because we get so interested in it and so involved, we forget about the time. It’s the same with reading something interesting (like a great book) or talking with a good friend on the telephone. Time flies when we’re having fun.

Now take the opposite. Pretend you’re stacking cans of soup at a supermarket or trying to write an essay on a boring, dry topic. Or you got a lot of tedious things to do at work. Time seems to drag on and on, doesn’t it?

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I was asking myself this question a lot a few years ago. Now I just “live with it”.

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Alien abduction…..

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@MRSHINYSHOES I do have to write an essay about a boring topic right now…

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Because essentially it’s exactly that, a complete waste of our time, in a good way though.

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It’s almost like the inside of my brain… drifting from one thing to the next, so seamlessly that I can’t even remember how I got to any particular destination. And it does seem endless, doesn’t it? It’s like I never quite get all caught up on the ‘net, and have to force myself to get off-line and leave some things undone.

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I think it’s because it doesn’t require a very long attention span, and it shortens ours. You can be at 20 different places at once and still keep going on to other websites without actually having to pay attention to any of those places.

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