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How can I make utorrent stop when someone connects to the network?

Asked by drpoop (83points) December 21st, 2010

I am running an always on PC with windows 7 and utorrent

I want to configure a torrent client (hopefully utorrent) to stop torrents for running when a Pc or phone connects to the network through wifi.
like this when I come home and my phone automatically connects the service stops, and restarts when it is no longer connected.
the same would happen, if a computer joins the network.

for bonus points: be able to include a blacklist, so that some computers joining would not affect the torrents

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My choice would be to do this on the router using QoS management. A lot of routers sold the last couple of years have this feature (check your routers manual).

Simply put you specify that one source of traffic (example: http over port 80) should have priority over other sources (bittorrent), and/or that some devices have priority over others.

Depending on your router the settings can also be set individually by macadress (<- unique device identifier) for example to give your phone priority over traffic from your computer or give your devices priority over guests who happen to connect.

As a bonus this will make your torrents run all the time, but (those few seconds, or during that streaming of youtube) when a device makes http requests the torrent traffic will slow down during the requests and speed up again when other devices are idle.

I know this wasn’t exactly what you where asking, but I suspect this is a better, and more dynamic way to solve it, rather than stopping and starting your bittorrent client (with possible implications of re-scraping, finding and connecting to the peers again etc.)

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