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Where can I get a cheap family photo taken in the Bay Area?

Asked by tonystubblebine (152points) December 21st, 2010

Last time we took a family photo we went to the mall and everyone was happy with the result. I’d like to do that again, but I can’t find any malls that have photographers.

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You could go to Penny’s or Sears if you want a mall-type photo.

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You might be lucky if you have a friend or relative that could take your family photo for free or for the price of lunch.

A few of my family members, who are not professional photographers, are really good and would happily take our photo. Ask around.

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I have some friends that do photography, one of which has a company… PM me if you’re interested

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there is Picture People at Sun Valley Mall in Pleasant Hill. They’re pretty inexpensive. They also have stores in Pleasanton, San Jose, San Mateo, and other places.

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We had a very nice one taken at KMart a few years back. Not too expensive either.

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I dunno about cheap, but my folks always went to Olan Mills.

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