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Is it ok to put a towel in my air vent (ceiling) to prevent air flow?

Asked by johnny (335points) December 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

My room is so hot when the heater comes on, buy the rest of the house is a lot cooler than my room. If I turn down the heat the house gets super cold. But if I leave it on, my room is like an oven. I just want to make sure it’s safe to stuff a towel up inside the vent.

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That’s what my father always told me to do, and he was HVAC certified.. so I’m assuming that’s a “yes.”

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I’m not a professional and this is only a guess, but:

I can’t see how it would be dangerous. However, you might want to periodically check or switch out the towel, in case of dust build-up. Dust build-up may make the risk of a fire a little more high.

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There is often a lever attached to a vent that allows you to close it off.

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As @skfinkel mentioned, there are often levers in each ventilation cover to adjust the air flow. If not, make sure the vent you are working with is not a “return” into which cold air flows… That would most likely make the room warmer. If there are levers, you can selectively close and open vents around the entire house to adjust the temp in different rooms. You also may wish to make sure the supply vent is open in the central room containing the thermostat. Otherwise your room will continue to heat while the thermostat controller stays cool.

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The damn lever thingy is busted on my vent. Probably should have mentioned that too… But I’ll take the two hot chicks’ answers.

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There is no cover over the vent in ceiling, so is it safe to put a towel in it to block the heat?

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