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Are you happy with your iPhone?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m kind of thinking I should have gone with a crackberry.What’s your take?

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how about a dingleberry? LOL
I have an iPod touch, and I like it.

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I know what you mean. I almost got a curve instead. I’m very happy with my iPhone though. I like how versatile it is, and that I can use it to surf on my wireless network without firing up the olde laptop. Before this phone I used to have a Sidekick II, and it was my first mobile. So this is a huge upgrade. I didn’t have to worry about justifying putting a bunch of gadgets out of commission though, since I don’t own a regular iPod or a digital camera. I also have an iPod shuffle and use it mainly for when I’m hiking with my dogs or trips to the city.

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I love my iPhone. I was going to get a treo but opted to go with it. Much better technology than any other phone. And with the sdk being released and it hitting the market in June. Its going to be even better. Even the edge network is ok, plus it has wifi. I mean come on this toy is sweet.

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I do not own an iPhone so yes i’m happy…LoL

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ah someone with inferior technology speaks LOL jk

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If you think you should have gotten a Blackberry, you probably should have.

Choice of phone is very personal and subjective.

(I don’t have an iPhone; I have a $30 prepaid special which costs me about $7 a month, which is still outlandish for the 10 minutes or so that I actually use each month.)

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I have both. iPhone wins.

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well money was not a issue. I got iPhone out of impulse. Don’t get me wrong I love the iPhone. Just lil things that I can’t do. Like use it as a modem.

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I feel like this thing is gonna break faster than other phones cuz of all its “technology”. It already freezes sometimes or the screen messes up and I don’t get text messages sometimes. Plus the fact that I can’t send any picture messages makes me furious I paid so much. Its like every other phone in the universe can do that one simple thing!!!

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Have both-prefer iPhone; in two and a half words: Mac OS.

If the upcoming 2.0 s/w update indeed includes push email and true MS Exchange support, iPhone will seal the casket on RIM’s products for good (coupled with the 3G iPhone 2).

The virtual keyboard and ergonomics of the iPhone are on-point with technology and the direction portables are headed. Just look at all the competitors and fakes out there (Meizo M8 anyone?), and all of those DAPs out there emulating the look and feel of the iPhone.

I suspect the 2.5G version out now will take another price drop come June/July (when the 3G is released) and really making it ‘affordable’ to the masses…mark my words :)

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won’t 3g drain battry life? I read that some where.

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Apparently that’s what they (Apple) have been working on all this time, the main reason (besides software 2.0 update) that the 3G was not rolled out last June.

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I’m extremely happy with my iPhone. Quirks and all, it has far exceeded my expectations.

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I love the iPhone,only unlocked and jailbroken. Kinda limited in stock form .

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I absolutely love my iphone. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It does have a few slight problems, but all in all, it’s a great device.

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I absolutely love my iPhone. I’m looking forward to the next version and some interesting apps

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One of the best devices ever released, let alone phones. A couple of minor quirks but nothing you can’t get round. I will definitely buy another one when it’s updated.

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iPhone rules all… :-D

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i like the iPhone cause it makes me feel cool :) the only thing I don’t like is that sometimes my phone calls don’t come through even though my phone shows that I have full service.

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Not only do I have both but I got them @ around the same time. I LOVE my iPhone & HATE my Curve. I hate the curve so much I’m probably going to give it away & get another razr.

Also, I’ve never owned an iPod or mac product before. In fact I’ve been mac resistant because I’ve overloaded my brain with enough computer crap to last me a lifetime I don’t want to learn another new system!!!!!

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Can i get your curve????? umm….PLEASE! lol. no but for real give it to me.

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you may be too late. I’ve already agreed to let a friend use it for a few weeks who is trying to make the same decision. If he doesn’t want it u can have it!!!!

The battery life is worse then the iPhone, I could never get it too sinc properly & I HATE the tracker ball thingie.

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Well im serious, hook it up. I’ll pay shipping and get you a thank you card. I’m also will be willing to fight bare knuckle to the death for it with your freind. Chuck Norris is teaching me the Llama kick.

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I’m serious if my friend doesn’t want it u can have it. Just don’t tell my husband cuz it was my valentine’s day present this year.

I’ll pay to watch the bare knuckle fight, though. Can I be the ring card girl????

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Just don’t tell your husband. And do me one favor, If Chuck Norris is at this fight please! please! don’t make any sudden movements or look it to his eagle eyes. About the phone…..ya hit me up when you find out.

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