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How do I upload photos from my iphone to my computer?

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) January 21st, 2009

I feel silly asking this as I have done it successfully for a year. Now, my adobe photo starter edition 3.2 says fatal error. I have tried to delete program and reinstall without success. Still can’t get photos from iphone to computer. Is this the only program that itune is compatible with?

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iPhone may not have MMS (like SMS with pictures) but it does have email.
You can always email them to yourself and then download them onto your computer from there.

I know that sounds tedious, but it’s a good last resort.
I’ll try to see if I can find a better solution.

pst apple, this is why iPhoners need SD card slots!!!

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If you’re on a mac, you can open iPhoto, and it will recognize the iPhone as a digital camera. If you’re on a PC, and Adobe isn’t helping, I’d maybe just e-mail them to yourself. That does sound a little bit like a pain though.

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I think the iPhoto will sync with Picasa on Windows.

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I just email them to myself. Easy for someone like myself who is technology challenged.

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I wish the iPhone had bluetooth that was locked down. Then it would be really easy. With my phone I can just bluetooth the pictures to my laptop. It’s nice…

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I have had the same problem for the same amount of time. I bet an software update from somebody (Apple?) screwed up the program…it’s very annoying

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No worries, you don’t need a special app and you certainly don’t need to do something as time-consuming as emailing them. All Macs have a utility called image capture. Just find that (either in your applications folder or your utilities folder) and it will copy all the full quality images from your iphone to wherever you want them on your computer’s hard drive.

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To clarify further, using Image Capture is also much better than emailing because emailing results in lower-quality images (the iphone compresses them to be friendlier to whoever you’re sending the email to).

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Marmoset, thank you! I googled the same question, found this site, tried image capture, and it works! I deleted iphoto off my computer (stupid, yes) so I’m so happy there’s still a way. Because this was so helpful I signed up for an account here.

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You can always use third-party apps like iPhone Explorer (for Macs) to access ALL your files on your iPhone, not just photos.

I would think it’s way better than emailing.

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I used Picasa just now to up load them. Worked quicker then any other app / program I’ve used for even my camera.

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