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You've been here for a week, two or a month or so. Did you come for the answer and stay for the jellies?

Asked by seazen (6113points) December 23rd, 2010

Or are you still using fluther as your personal search engine?

Have you tried the chatroom?

Who have you become friends with?

Have you invited others?

Have you dared to asked your own questions, posted replies in – gulp – GENERAL?

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I still use past questions to answer current ones I have. Luckily most of them have decent responses.

I’ve lived in the chatroom for the past year or so. But it’s slowly dying.

Friends? Quite a few. Sarcasm has become my best friend, though.

I haven’t invited others. I’d probably disappear if people I knew started joining. It’s my safe-haven from my “real” life.

I prefer general to social. Less bs and threadjacking.

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I’ve ventured into the chat room a time or two.

I’ve become friends with a bunch of people.

Haven’t invited anyone. Most of my real life friends think Fluther is retarded. Haters gonna hate.

I’ve asked a bunch of questions in general, but I usually stick to social because I really don’t care all that much if people dick around with my questions, even if they are serious ones.

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I did it for the money.

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Came for a jelly (Katawagrey) stayed for the rest. I can’t seem to get the hang of chat, which is too bad because they seem to have so much fun in there. I post most of my (admittedly few) Qs in General cuz when I ask in Social there’s always someone who makes fun of me and hurts my widdle feewings. <sigh>
Now I can’t believe I didn’t even know some of you before 5 months ago.
and @BoBo1946 I want money too. When do I get the money?

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Check in the mail Jill !

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No,I haven’t much interest in the chat room.
I have a few friends here and have managed to meet a couple of Jellies. :)
The people I have told about it had no interest at all in joining.
I have posted questions and answers in General,but prefer the more relaxed Social.
I just like to have fun,damnit ;)

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I came for the Questions and answers and stayed for the jellies.

I have never used Fluther as my personal search engine.

I tried the chatroom, but cannot “get” it as @JilltheTooth said.

I have become friends with a number of other jellies. Some I have even met in real life.

Fluther is like my personal playground. I have not talked about it to others.

I answer and ask questions in general occasionally.

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10 months participating here.
Never got into the chat thing, enjoy many here, no real friends I correspond with, a few pm’s here and there and a couple of email address exchanges.
I have asked a handful of questions, prefer ‘social’ to ‘general’ as I enjoy freedom to banter a bit and the more relaxed guidelines.

I parrot @lucillelucillelucille

Girls just wanna have fun! ;-)

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Indeed I did find Fluther looking for an answer and stayed for the Jellies. I stayed for Dr. Jelly too. As much as I kid about my obsession with him not kidding lol I found him really amusing and cheery and the whole concept of Jellies, the wry humor and the sea references in the interface drew me in.

I don’t use Fluther as a search engine at all.

I’ve stepped into the chat room, but didn’t feel comfortable since the Jellies in there I didn’t “know”.

The Jellies I’ve befriended are among those on my Follow list. Too many to name and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone by leaving them out.

I invited my sister, who joined and participated, but has since departed.

Yes, I ask and answer in General.

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I’m johnpowell, I started 3.5 plus years ago. I asked a question. And I got a good answer. I stuck around waiting for a question that I could answer to repay the site. This was when it was really slow and poll questions were frowned upon. Then I stuck around.

Have you tried the chatroom? I think it was my bitching that led to it.

Who have you become friends with? To many to list. I’m actually wearing Allie’s b-day and c-mas presents right now.

Have you invited others? NO

Have you dared to asked your own questions, posted replies in – gulp – GENERAL? Nope, but not out of fear. I haven’t needed to since the split.

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I found Fluther whilst looking for a t shirt for my brother, whilst living in NZ.

I’ve stayed not only to ask and answer questions but to see what other people think about diifferent subjects, I’ve learned things I didn’t know before and enjoyed reading posts from numerous funny and educational flutherites!

I have tried the chat room, but I don’t tend to stay long, not sure why!

I have invited a couple of others, one has joined and checks in sometimes.

My questions tend to be in the social section! And that’s the section I tend to go looking for questions in!

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I’m just here for the crack!

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@world_hello – I knew it was you, Ry.

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I’m here for the sammiches.

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I’ve been here for almost 2 months now. I found Fluther through stumbleupon, and I can tell you that it was the greatest stumble ever. I haven’t used stumbleupon since I found Fluther, because I’m never bored online now.

I haven’t invited anyone yet, because I feel like Fluther is “mine”, and I like it that way :)
Kind of like what @rangerr said.

I’ve made a handful of friends, or at least I’ve run across a few people who’ve struck me as the type I’d be friends with. I haven’t Facebooked anyone yet, though.

I went in the chatroom a couple of times, but nothing was happening so I kinda forgot about it.

I’ve both asked and answered in General, but I tend to prefer Social, because I can usually answer more questions there.

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Are you still using fluther as your personal search engine? I’ve never used Fluther for that.

Have you tried the chatroom? I’ve tried it on several occasions and it’s not bad I suppose.

Who have you become friends with? Many wonderful people, Flutherites, Jellies.

Have you invited others? No, I haven’t.

Have you dared to asked your own questions, posted replies in – gulp – GENERAL? I don’t believe so. If I ever did, I don’t remember doing it.

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I’ve been here for 2 years. I found the site whilst killing time on the apple home page, they made mention of the site… I thought the logo was cool so I checked it out. It was a very difficult day for me, and I came on a site where people were friendly and took an interest in what I had to say. I haven’t even thought of leaving since.

Are you still using fluther as your personal search engine?
I come to fluther for a sense of community, the info is just a bonus.

Have you tried the chatroom?
I spend so much time there, they made me a chat mod.

Who have you become friends with?
The list is too long to post here, but I’ve made friends for life on this site. I’ve met a couple of Jellies in person… and hope to meet many more as time passes.

Have you invited others?
Nope. I keep my online life and real life separate.

Have you dared to asked your own questions, posted replies in – gulp – GENERAL?
A couple of times. I haven’t asked that many questions lately.

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I came here because AnswerBag went stoopid!

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Am I sensing someone paid to ask this?

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Did you come for the answer and stay for the jellies? No and no because most of the jellies disagree with me in my posts. There seems to be a strong correlation on here between friends with synonymous belief systems. Same thing with Sodahead of which I’m also a member.

Or are you still using fluther as your personal search engine? No.

Have you tried the chatroom? No.

Who have you become friends with? I’m not sure. I don’t get too many knocking on my door.

Have you invited others? I’m not sure what you mean by this.

Have you dared to asked your own questions, posted replies in – gulp – GENERAL Yes and yes.

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Did you come for the answer and stay for the jellies? Yes, because you were the first one to give me a hard time. But a very nice/kind jelly came to my rescue and I felt lurved, so I stayed.

Never tried the chat room.

Friends? None of your business.

Invited my husband.

The one question I asked in General was modded and was suggested it be moved to social.

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In March 2011, it’ll be 2 years since I joined Fluther. I joined because died and I need a replacement – Fluther fit and I stayed. I didn’t just stay for the Jellies, I stayed because I continued to want to answer the questions people had and because through constant conversation about topics that are important to me with others, I’ve been able to clarify many of my own feelings and thoughts on things. Like some others, I have never used Fluther as a search engine because I do think Google is my god. Every once in a while, I will remember there is a chat room and end up there and will have fun with others but I always forget it exists. I’ve become friends with dozens of Flutherites and they are now my FB friends – I’ve met one flutherite that I never knew before Fluther and plan on meeting a couple of others in the near future. I’ve felt attractions and feelings to a couple, one in particular as of late. I invited absolutely everyone to join Fluther, I have no issue with sharing the site, or with people learning what I say on here – I say the same things off Fluther. I’ve asked around 200 qs of my own, plenty in general because I don’t mind the general section, whatsoever.

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@AmWiser If you’re going to be rude – why not ask your own question – or not answer mine. Sheesh. G.A.L.

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