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Have you been a victim of ID Theft (PIC)?

Asked by UrbanJellyFish (43points) December 23rd, 2010

I came across the infographic below today and started thinking how many people on social sites have been victims of ID Theft. I’ve personally had my card # jeopardized a few times, according to my bank, and was issued new cards and account numbers.

Share your story.

Identity Theft – Why You Should Be Worried

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Luckily I fucked my credit all by myself. Not really worried about identity theft. I can’t even rent an apartment without a co-signer. Trying to use my info would probably land you in jail, Not because you stole my info, but because they would think you are me.

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No, I haven’t (knock on wood).

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My best friend who doesn’t own a computer or smart phone just got the call from Visa. Someone had run up several thousand dollars worth of electronics in Queens and the Bronx..which is similar to darkest Africa to my friend.

. Luckily, Visa will not stick him with the tab.

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My annual statement from American Express showed up a few years ago with only page 6 of 6 . . . (they were still sending out complete account number)
the other five missing…. called AMEX told them the story and “GET ME” a new card and cancel old. Next day by 4 PM received new card with different number.

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@gailcalled How did your friend get his credit card/number stolen?

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I started to receive bills from a hospital. i knew this was not me, but the hospital either did not care or did not believe me. sooooooooooooo, i went to this hospital one day to check this out for myself. i asked to see the services provided for me for these bills. i immediately discovered that the medical services rendered, where for a male black. since i am white, this essentially killed my liability for the services.

Came to find out that someone had stolen mail from my mailbox and used the stolen information to receive free medical services.

I learned a lesson from this situation. now, i do not put mail in my mailbox to be delivered. i either take it to a post office, flag down a mailman, or drop it in a corner mailbox.

Don’t you just hate a thief?

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I had a checkbook stolen from me one time about 5 years ago, and had debit fraud recently. The checkbook fraud was way worse. Obviously a checkbook has 25 checks, I essentially had to wait for all 25 checks to get written and used. Came out to about a total of $4000 of fraudulent checks. The bank reimbursed it all, but the worse part is getting the calls from the collection agencies because once the retailer tried to cash the checks, they would obviously bounce (I closed the account after the first round came through). I had to get a police report, and I was faxing documents to collection agencies for months. Fortunately after the checks ran out it ended. I have never used checks since, or even ordered them for that matter, they are seriously pretty much useless these’s day; nothing a money order, or certified check from the bank wont take care of in the rare event I need one.

A few months ago, someone got a hold of my debit card number (I never carry cash, and use my card for everything), and charged $800 to a sprint phone bill. This was much easier to deal with, I just called the bank and filed a claim, I got new debit cards and the money credited back to my account that day. They investigate the claim to try to find out who it was. Everything checked out, and was resolved only within a few days.

After going through both, I still would rather use my debit or credit card rather than paying cash. It’s much safer, even with the chance of credit card/debit fraud; cash is a lot harder to prove.

I think the real threat, and the one that nobody wants, is someone getting a hold of your personal information such as name, DOB, and social security. With that information then they can open accounts where ever they want. Fortunately I have never had this happen (knock on wood). Sad part is, you can pretty much get most of this information simply off facebook or myspace.

A trick a friend taught me however is giving a different maiden name for your mother when opening up accounts. A maiden name that something only you would know, and don’t tell anyone. That way if someone calls trying to be you, and they ask for your mothers maiden name for verification, that person wouldn’t be able to provide that information, even if they found out the right name.

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My husband was. They bought a brand new Pick Up and a poodle, among other things.

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Yup. Someone at Bank of America got my information off my Mom’s bank account, and made a fake ID, then stole almost $10,000 from her savings.
They caught her, and she is in jail, but it upset my Mom to no end (though she got the money back), in the final weeks of her life.

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