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Are there stores in the UK that offer online ordering and pick-up in store? (for kids' toys)

Asked by sriramvenkit (1points) December 23rd, 2010

For instance, in the US, Circuit City used to offer such a service where by you could order a product online and then go pick it up from the local store. Barnes & Noble, Borders also offer this service. Wondering which, if any, stores in the UK offer something similar. Any chance one of these will let me pay online for someone else to pick up from the store? I want to buy toys as a gift for my niece in UK, I am in the US.

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Try this site Argos

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and this one
ps welcome to fluther xxx

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Yep, Argos, “takes care of it”! ;-)

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@sakura Woolworths is no good, they have no stores in the UK any more. They’re online-only now.

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I knew Argos allowed you to reserve items for store pick up, but I thought the only way you could pay for them that way is in person when you pick them up? I done exactly that earlier on today.

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Found another that definitely does store collection as I’ve just been told by the always correct wife. BOOTS TOYS

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Can you not make the delivery address a UK address?

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