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What is your plan for the 1st 100 days of 2011?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) December 24th, 2010

We are on the cusp of 2011, what is your plan for the 1st 100 days? If successful how will it help you if your 1st 100 days were executed according 80% as you had drawn them up?

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Dude… I don’t even have plans for tomorrow

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^ Yeah- count me with @DrasticDreamer. Plus I can’t remember yesterday trying to get through today.

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School, school, school, school, finals, beginning of Summer break.

Yeah, I’ll probably be sticking to this plan 100%

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I’m a simple man. I will wake in the morning and think about taking a shower. Then I will put on new socks and eat hot pockets. After that I try to get laid.

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Make a full detailed activity calendar, preparing for the next 100 days.
And the most important thing is tidy all things up, no messy room in the house.

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work and pay the bills.

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Within the first 100 days of 2011 I will be back to school and work. I will also be buying a house, moving, and marrying my one true love.

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I am going in to have a procedure done to help with my MS in a few weeks.
I will be running again by the time 100 days is up,if not sooner. Painting and throwing pots again too;)

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Treadmill Treadmill Treadmill.

I have to requalify at climbing telephone poles in April.

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My plan is to live it like I live every other day of the year….one day at a time. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry ~ Robert Burns

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In our military unit, we have a training plan set up that projects out 9 to 12 months in advance. We tackle objectives quarterly to fullfill overall mission requirements. My first 100 days is going to include, among other things, a quality control exam for my supervisory position, a lot of preparation for 2 large inspections in spring, and further upgrade training in a computer specialty task that I take care of in additon to my normal duties.

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I will live everyday like I do all the time. Work, enjoy family and travel.

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I plan on celebrating for at least 100 days and here is why:

The national average for a police officer to live, after retiring, is two years. if i make it to January 1, 2011, i will have made it through my two years and a long future of longevity lies ahead. i retired December 31, 2008. say a prayer for me. it means a lot.

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A secret project for my partner and to get my mom’s cars running well or to replace it.

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1. Finish working on my home.
2. Buy more silver and gold
3. Save more money
4. Use my treadmill more often
5. Do everything I can to improve my health
6. Continue making sure my wife is happy. : ))

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I turn 60 this January. I’ll do the P.F. Chang’s Rock n Roll marathon in Phoenix on January 16th and on my birthday I plan on walk-jogging 60 miles. Fun stuff!

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Jolly good show, @gondwanalon !

I use to run 10 miles every other day when I was 53, and work out with weights on alternate days. Then I was almost killed in a military parachuting accident, and my life has never fully recovered. I had intended to continue running until I was no longer able, but that’s now a retro-dream.

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@lucillelucillelucille YAY!! :) :) <3

Pretty much just working.
But believe it or not, I get to see @lucillelucillelucille about 18 out of those first 100 days! :D
I get to see @Jude too. WOO.

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I’ll be in Canada for the first 9..
Then it’s back home to a 55 hour work week.
So.. I assume I’ll be working for most of those days.

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About 70 of them will be work days. I don’t really have any plans and I’m certainly not making any new years resolutions. I expect everything will be pretty much the same as all of last year.

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Stay warm.

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Not a problem in Texas! : )

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Prepare to and relocate

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100 days into 2011 at 80% success rate would still be unfreaking believable even though I am gunning for 110%! Bring it on!! :))

Good luck @lucillelucillelucille I’ll race ya!! ;)

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