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What causes us to associate songs with particular singers?

Asked by LostInParadise (28393points) December 25th, 2010

I was just thinking of how I associate the song As Time Goes By with the version sung by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca. Dooley Wilson is not exactly a household name but he seems to have nailed that one song better than anyone else. Why should that be? And the association works the other way of course. There are certain singers associated with particular songs, like Andy Williams and Moon River and Ethyl Merman and There’s No Business Like Show Business.

Is there a particular match between personality or singing style with a particular song? Might each of us, regardless of our singing ability, have a particular song that best suits us?

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I associate this song even though it was originated by Judy Garland with Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole and Hallelujah iwth Jeff Buckley even though it was originated by Leonard Cohen.

I think it is how a particular rendition of a song makes us feel.

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The voice and style. Every person has their own style of music. That is why we like certian songs. If you know the artist’s style, you know who it is by hearing the song.

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Maybe it is because the voice that best represents the meaning and theme of the song is the one regarded. It’s how the singer uses their personality to display the song, and their way of singing. Maybe looks also help you attach the person with a song, if you know what I mean.

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