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What song should I sing? (Jazzy or Blues)

Asked by nailpolish (20points) January 28th, 2010

i will be auditioning for the New England Urban Music Awards & i can’t pick what song to sing
– “All I Could Do Is Cry” Etta James is a style i can sing,
iddeas anyone? Please help meee !

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I love the blues…I enjoy a bit of jazz, but off hand I lean on the blues.

But hey thats just me :)

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This one

Best of luck with what ever you decide to do. I’m sure you’ll do great.

Edit: It took everything I had not to rick roll you right here….

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How about “Lover Man” ala Billie Holiday?Norah Jones does a beautiful version too.Good luck :)

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Blues. Closer to what an audition would be looking for? I’m thinking the flashier the better (in terms of showcasing your technique, control and performance capability).

Do let us know how it turns out yea? :) All the best to you from a fellow singer/performer. Whatever you do, sing from your heart.

And welcome to Fluther, from a fellow newbie!

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How about Billie Holiday’s My Man? It ‘s a great bluesy, soulful song.

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@janbb -That’s a nice one too :)

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Etta James seems like a good pick, as well as Billie Holliday. If her style is in your repertoire, then use it. I would build it up; start out easy, bluesy, then start low, with the flashiness (technique, as @clarice mentioned above) and then build up to a grand finish. Show them everything you’ve got (stylistically, of course). I’m not specifically familiar with this particular contest, but what I would look for as a judge (I am a vocalist) would be the following, in no particular order: Control, pitch, volume, presentation and interpretation . Good Luck! let us know!

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The way to choose is what do you feel when you sing? Music is a way to express yourself, so your choice has to be an expression of your very soul.

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