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How far back does my mail in Gmail go?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) December 25th, 2010

I send things to my gmail account every day, and I am simply wondering how far back it goes, as in if I were to send something to my email today, would I be able to find that exact in a year, or two years, ot five years…??

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I just checked. My first one is still there.

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There is a limit to the amount of data in your inbox but it is not time sensitive in any way. Your emails will be around as long as gmail is around.

If you’re worried about losing emails you can make a backup of your emails and save the data on your computer (or somewhere else). Check out this guide from Google:

To see how much room you have left in your inbox scroll to the bottom of your gmail page and you should see something like this:

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Archived or stuff that you just never delete will stay for as long as Gmail exists. Conversations in the trash will only stay there for a month before they’re deleted permanently.

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what do you think are the chances of gmail shutting down and everyone losing their emails? I mean sure not any time in the next year or so, but I mean after that don’t you think it’s possible?

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@jabag11 I’m sure, eventually, email in general will be outdated and Gmail will be unneeded and will shut down. But my guess is that with changing technology, Gmail and Google in general will evolve with technology. Before any shutdown that happens, I’m sure they’ll give you a chance to get your stuff carried into another service.

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