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How do I retrieving a version of a file from before a 'save'?

Asked by zina (1661points) April 16th, 2007
I'm working with Garageband on Mac, accidentally deleted a track, saved, continued working for a while before I realized what had happened. I've gotten back to the save, but I need to get before that. Ideas?
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I don't think there's much you can do, sorry. In the next version of Mac OS (Leopard), there may be a fix for this, but for now, the only access you have to history is undo/redo and saved files... Hope the damage wasn't too great. In th future, you can save files with version numbers and so forth, if you become paranoid.
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Sorry, it really sucks. I know. :(
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That feature ben is talking about is called Time Machine, just to say it. :-)

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