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ITunes won't open?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) October 24th, 2009

I’m using a macbook running tiger
I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes a million (read: 4) times I’ve even gone into the depths of the system and removed the iTuneshelper and all that jazz…


Whenever I try to open said application, it bounces once in the dashboard and disappears. It makes no sense!

Do you have any advice oh great fluther?

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This will be very destructive. Like you lose your playlist and ratings. I’m going to post images with files that you should remove one-by-one until it works.

Close iTunes first…...

Start with number 3 that is highlighted.

If deleting those don’t help it is time to get desperate.

Move these to the trash if the above doesn’t help.

Keep in mind you just need to move these. Put them somplace safe and you can move them back.

I have a huge hang-over.. I hope that made some sense.

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