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Is a desktop pc or a laptop better for me to record gameplay?

Asked by ConfusedKid (153points) December 27th, 2010

I have around £600–630 from christmas and I want to buy a HD PVR to record my Xbox 360 gameplay..I have a HD television (720p its works on for my xbox) and i know this laptop isnt that good/fast at the moment so i want to buy a laptop for it to work but then my friend told me a PC would work better.
So after the PVR £150–180 I would have around £450 left to buy a laptop or desktop pc, if you can could you please share some links with PC’s are in that price range and will work with the PVR, thanks.

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I don’t know how American computer market compares with yours in between currencies, but it’s well known that any desktop for the same price of a laptop will be better. Laptops are more expensive because the tech has to be crammed into tiny spaces, while desktops have room to breathe, so to speak.

Also, remember that you can also search for refurbished or used PC’s to get a cheaper price.

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Thanks, i understand why theyre ‘better’ now aha, even if you can find a good deal with the requirements on an american site – just link me and ill see what i can do :)

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If all you need the computer for is video recording, just try to get the most processor power and RAM that you can get out of your budget. Remember that a monitor might add a couple hundred to the actual price, so see if you can find other monitors not sold by the computer manufacturer to see if those are cheaper, or look around your house, just in case you have an extra one lying around. Or, you could just plug the PC into whatever television you use with the Xbox.

I like this Dell Dimension 7100. That one comes with a 6-core processor, 6GB of memory, and 1TB HDD for <$800. (No monitor) The same thing similarly equipped, but through the European site, costs nearly twice as much. However, I have a hard time understanding economics, so I’m likely to be making something sound ridiculous.

EDIT: The links don’t work. All the configuration must be done through a Flash player or something. Sorry.

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thanks, ill check out what else is on the site – that seems a good option..

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Desktop PCs, when bought for the same money as a laptop, are generally better at everything except for portability.

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