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Do you need a HD TV for a HD PVR?

Asked by BoredAndConfused (4points) April 3rd, 2010

Hey, alot of my school friends have a Hauppauge HD PVR which they use to record their xbox 360 gameplay with and then upload to youtube. Since my birthday is in November, I was going to get a laptop then and a HD PVR for christmas. But, I dont own a HD television. Is it worth getting a HD PVR?

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It’s better than doing it the other way around – an HD PVR (like TiVo HD) can record standard or high definition. But a standard PVR can’t record HD television.

Of course, getting an HD PVR won’t suddenly let you view HD programming if you don’t have anything to view it on.

If you plan on getting a HDTV eventually, and you want a PVR, it probably makes sense to get the HD version of the PVR now. If you don’t plan on ever getting a HDTV, then just get a normal PVR and save your money.

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Thanks, by the way, the PVR would only be used to record my gameplay. If you didnt already know…

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If you are only going to record your standard def TV then you might as well get an SD pvr. However unless you can complete Portal challenge chamber 14 in 5 seconds I really wouldn’t bother.

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I want to know if it can or cant. Can you record HD on the HD PVR on a standard definition TV? Yes or No

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You can record the HD, but you can’t play the HD. You don’t even need a television to record something.

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