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Has Fluther ever lost a member to death?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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What do you mean “lost a member to death?

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I don’t know how big the membership is or how long Fluther has been around but I’m sure it has unless you mean while typing or something.

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For the sake of sounding silly, do you care to explain? Death is very serious as we all know. If it was a friend or family member I’m sorry…

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Exactly my point sccrowell, AGREED!

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I think hes just asking if anyone who was a member on fluther has died.

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Where did my prior answer go? It wasn’t bad.

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Say for instance, one of us died, how would we ever know?
Just wondering if anyone has had any Fluther friend pass away.

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I just had emergency surgery on Monday because my heart rate dropped down below 30 beats per minute. Now I am the proud owner of a pacemaker and no one noticed my absence from Fluther for two days.

Back at home after two nights in the hospital.


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Glad you made it.

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@srmorgan How frightening! I’m so glad you’re ok now.
@cornman You’re scaring me. I remember the suicide thread you posted. Is there something hidden in your reason for asking this?

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@cornman – that last one’s an interesting question… Not, I suppose.

@srmorgen – glad you made it. Don’t worry as to the absence though, I wouldn’t notice anyone being absent for two days ;-)

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This is a very weird thread. It would be hard to tell if anyone died, I mean, how do we tell the difference between someone who is away seeing grandma, got bored of Fluthering, or actually passed away?

I’m guessing if someone does know someone who was a Fluther member before their death, they might not be enthusiastic to talk about it.

Who knows.

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Is anybody missing? Should we take roll call?

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Hairypalm is MIA

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johnpowell’s been kinda scarce larely too.

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Yoo-hoo! Where are you?

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I am alive… And I can’t be the only person to leave directions for my family to follow if I die. I have a list of people/sites to notify.

And weird, I was talking to someone the other night about this.

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I’ve been away at times for days, weeks. No-one notices, no-one cares. That’s fine. The clown is always the loneliest and saddest. However, if I die, you’ll be able to know you are really contacting me by the secret word “Rosemary.” Anything else is a hoax.

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@Zen Would I need to chant the word 3 times? I like ‘Rosemary,’ what is the provenance of your afterlife calling card? Is it your real name?

Are you a sad clown? Vincente Fernandez puts it, a Triste Payaso

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@peedub If you go to a medium and try to talk to me, the code word is: Rosemary. No need to chant.

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