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How do you feel about world of Warcraft?

Asked by eklamor (415points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone

do you dislike wow? Love it and can’t stop playing it? Did it ruin your life and had to stop? I’m interested, I haven’t started playing yet. So I’m curious to see all the opinions about it.

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Compared to Runescape, WAY better! Yes, its an awesome game, especially how easy setup, gameplay, purchasing, and everything about it is. Its awesome!

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When I first picked it up it was the greatest game ever, or so I thought. I soon learned that its the same thing over and over and over and became very bored with it. Needless to say, they dont get my money anymore.

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I will NEVER touch it.
It is evil.

Warcrack. Ugh.

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@hamburgerman are you serious, shes beautiful and definitely not evil…. well maybe a little bit ;) Theres no reason for you to be insulting her because she doesnt like the same games as you. After all though i cant blame her WoW is definitely a really crappy game for people who like to spend countless hours of their life in some fantasy land because they are too socially awkward to be accepted by society. Sorry.

on a side note ever notice how no offense always is prior to a very offensive statement?

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/me hugs batman. :D

And it (WoW) eats people’s lives. To a serious degree. It is an addiction.

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To add to delirium’s response; it also just sucks.

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It’s a fun game to play.. i originally started a couple days after it’s launch. Blizzard made an addictive game that was easy for the masses to pick up and play. Unfortunately with a game so easy to play, you often get immature younger players who at times will ruin your game play. I am however not saying that everyone is immature. there are alot of good people and friendships can be made in the game. while I was playing, I made a few new friendships. blizzard has a good idea with their game. me and friends often referred to it as them hanging a carrot on a stick in from of everyone. as the game has grown, they have made many , many changes that often change the game play. the creators said that the game has taken on a life of its own sorta. one of the major problems I encountered was the fact of the equipment changes. As each expansion, and dungeon comes out, more and more armor/weapons are introduced. I work full time and the times I get to play are late nights after work. unfortunately for me, I always missed raids and such to be able to advance my char with better gear. the PVP aspect of it is fun, but the gear plays a major influence in who wins or loses. and the grind to get the pvp gear is a huge time sink. It’s still a great game, But after playing since launch, I quit playing a few months ago. I’m sure that once the next expansion comes out, I’ll reactivate my account and get to the next level cap, but will prob quit again.

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I have played for three years; and I hate when people say it is addicting. The addiction is limited to the addictive personalities. Many couples I know play it for fun, and we spend 12–15 hours playing per week. We still work, go out, and manage our homes and lifestyles. I know that I personally view it as a hobby, or something to do. So yeah, I feel superior to people who watch television for hours out of the week – wtf, what is the point of television? There’s no interaction or brain usage.

Warcraft is my first MMO. I never played any others, and I don’t plan on trying any. There’s always something to do in Warcraft – the game always gets new updates (some annoying, some amazing). Some people hate giving Blizz money to play – but I don’t. They made a great game and it continually grows.

70 Resto Druid, 70 Destro lock, 70 Combat Sword Rogue, 70 Sub Dagger Rogue, 70 Prot Pally, 61 BM hunter.

I do dailies and raids, and sell excess gold on the local college campuses. :)

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Anything fun can be addicting, especially when people are trying to escape from problems in their lives. Some people use alcohol or other drugs, others get way too into sports, some get into videogames. I don’t think the problem is the drugs, sports or the videogames, it’s the person not coping with the issues in their lives in a healthy manner.

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As many others have stated, the addiction to WoW only applies to the kind of person that is playing it.
I have seen comments in the past that claim that WoW has wasted their time, or dropped their GPA in school because of how it addicts its players. However, I believe that I might be a perfect example of how that is not true.

I have played WoW for almost four years, and I have always been a 4.0 student through high school, and still throughout college. Even as a full-time student, I can still fit my playtime for WoW in my schedule without sacrificing the rest of my life. It is all how one manages their time.

But to answer your question: I am still enjoying World of Warcraft for these (almost) four years. The leveling is monotonous if you play alone, but if you find others to group up with, you will find that the game is very entertaining! WoW always has something to offer, whether it is questing, crafting items, running instances to gather nice gear, fighting in battlegrounds, or even just chatting with other players. With so much content, and much more soon (there is an expansion coming), WoW has made the top of my list as a good online game.

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I love WoW! I play it maybe 7 hours a week and don’t play it every day. I think people who hate wow are biased agianst it because they only know or here about people who are obsesed with it. Though some people do get too into wow. But for the most part it is a fun game

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I actually met my boyfriend on World of Warcraft. He lived in California, me in Texas, and after a couple of months he moved here to be with me. We played WoW together at home for awhile, but then both got kind of tired of it, and now we play other stuff while spending time together.

As for whether or not it’s addictive, it all depends on the person playing it. For those who get addicted, perhaps they feel they have nothing else in life, and the accomplishments they achieve in WoW are more than what they feel they have in their real life. For myself and my boyfriend, neither of us got addicted to WoW, and still play it occasionally, it’s just not high on our priority list. We have jobs and stuff that are kind of more important. ;)

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