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For the women, what are five things you wish men knew?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone

What are 5 (or 10 or 15) things you wish men knew? These can be about yourself, or about women in general. You can include your general age to give perspective if you want. Thanks!

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1. don’t lie you will get caught.
2. we too have feelings, respect them.
3. we all can’t be your favorite porn star.
4. we rather be called beautiful not hot.
5. asking to have a threesome with our best friend is a big NO!

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I wish men know how to communicate on a personal level.(deep convo)
I wish men could know when you love them.(not insecure)
I wish men would be more sensitive i some areas.
I wish some men could be more loyal,not just in the physical sense but loyal as in
standing up for you when people talk crap.

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good answers! @lovelyy, I hope no.5 doesn’t really happen in todays world very much. @roxy, what areas of sensitivity?

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1. Foreplay is an important part of sexual intimacy
2. Checking in to see how I am doing let’s me know I am on your mind
3. Romance is important to me, and a little can go a long way
4. Communication is the key to a successful relationship—tell me when something is bothering you
5. Physical affection (apart from sex) makes me feel closer to you

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@supergirl: so true…is my wife paying you to say this? (j/k) :)

mzgator's avatar said everything I and most women would. Great job! Are you listening Gooch?

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I got lazy and googled my answer. The first link is for fun, and the second is more serious.

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Can we please frame questions with a little more inclusive language?

But here are the first five of what could easily be a much longer list….

1. Female orgasms are real, attainable, and just as important as male orgasms.
2. Small, thoughtful gestures always trump large, expensive, meaningless ones.
3. Speak.
4. Listen.
5. Find the perfect balance between challenging me and respecting me and all good things will come your way.

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You rock EmilyNathon! Thanks to all who have answered. I hope to hear more if there are any out there!!!

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1. Rub my back. With some effort.
2. Play with my hair.
3. Do what you say you’re going to do, or don’t commit to it just because you feel guilty.
4. Don’t assume that just because you’re bored/frustrated, etc., that I’m not too. Takes two to tango bro.
5. A little bit of niceness/sympathy/empathy is almost better than sex…sometimes.

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1) don’t let yourself go and yet criticize women who aren’t 36–21-34

2) please, please stop saying you forgot

3) women know when you’re lying

4) don’t say yes to something when you’re already double booked

5) always know your family member’s birthdates, especially your children.

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from my gf

1. When to bite their tongue
2. Women are delicate creatures and not all women are like your best guy friend
3. Lies, white lies hurt us the most
4. Physically handle us delicately because we bruise easily
5. Understand us instead of judging

More so with her guy friends and family then towards myself. :)

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1. kiss mel
2. on my lips
3. and eyelids, too – very softly
4. like that
5. and could you fix my computer?

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@susanc. Are you my wife? You listed her favorite things, and playing/pulling her hair gently. I can get anythin just by playing with her hair. How many girls luke their hair pulled? I mean in a fun, massage like relaxing way! Not the other “pull my hair” way.

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BINGO – seriously this is a huge over-look by guys – girls do it to each other all the time because it is the most relaxing, sensual, best-damn-feeling in the world. If only guys knew how much they could get out of us just by regularly playing with our hair….siiighhh

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My wife is the first one I have met, but she get sudo-orgasmic from it. It leads to wicked make-out sessions! I wonderred how many others liked it.

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I’m a guy with semi-long hair and I love when girls play with my hair. It feels reallllly good, like a massage but better. and on your head. I know what nocountry2 is talking about.My girlfriend plays with my hair, and I play with hers too. Man that look on her face when I start playin with her hair… lol. But yeah, its great. If your boyfriend has long hair, try it and see if he likes it too!

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Never, never, never ask a woman if she is “on the rag.”

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What does that mean?

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lol you know, “that time of month”

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Ah. Do people really ask that? xD

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the hair playing thing must be a pretty well kept secret. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it because it feels great!

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Yup, play with my hair, rub my neck and head and I will do almost anything for you. That would be the time to ask for a million dollars because I would find it somehow!

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I wish they knew how sensitive we are and take everything personal and that we analize everything too..

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Ok it’s 5 things – Wish they new to be a good listener when we have problems, be affectionate at the right time (not horney) theres a difference! Be supportive, not judge mental when we complain and last but not least to always treat us as if we were the only women in existence when there is other beautiful women around.

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Not all of us are looking to get married!

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