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Good ways to buy a used car on the internet.

Asked by lanahopple (455points) December 28th, 2010

I want to buy a used car, and have already looked all over Craig’s list. Are there any other good web sites that have a good variety of used cars?

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You could always check Ebay as well. One thing to remember is to always see the car in person first and take it for a test drive before buying it (especially when dealing with Ebay and Craig’s List). You could also check and look at the local dealerships in your area to see if they have listings online.

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This is like finding a girlfriend. Go local so you can take a test drive before you pay.

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I bought a car on ebay. Be careful though. If it’s a dealer, read the fine print—they throw sometimes throw in a $500 document fee—ridiculous!

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My husband has bought a lot of cars on ebay.

Higher end cars you can go to club sites, like Porsche club of America, etc. The members list cars for sale, but I am ot sure if you need to be a member to see the listings.

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Also Auto Trader. I think it is

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Never, never buy a vehicle off the internet. the vehicle may look and sound just like a brand new vehicle, but remember, people can make their for sale vehicle, appear to be showroom new and never tell of the vehicles faults. words come cheap for a quick dishonest sale on the internet.

Never buy a vehicle, sight unseen.

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eBay, just limit the search to the vicinity you are willing to drive to see it in person first.

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Buying off the internet has its pros & cons. Everyone is not dishonest. But if you do, be sure you can see and test drive the car before purchase. Never go alone and research the car before you buy. I personally have sold 2 cars via the inter-net, with no problems.

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eBay is ur best bet my mother bought a nice car on there

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If you buy it sight unseen, pay to have a mechanic look it over before you buy it.

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To expand on @Not_the_CIA‘s answer: it is just like finding a girlfriend. Go local, but realize that a great find is great no matter where. Sure, close enough is good, but it doesn’t have to be local. You can make a road trip for love right?

I say this, only because I’ve found the best car listings, and my girl, by searching within 100 miles outside of town. Expand a good sized radius. A good lead is worth the trip.

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You should always go for car valuation first while buying a used car. Some of the sealers I know that do sell used cars are car wale, IBB. You can buy evaluated cars from them.

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