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How to get 50 driving hours easily?

Asked by prankcrazy2013 (14points) December 29th, 2010

I have 16 hours driving with my parents, i need 50 all together i need help with what you guys put down so i can get all of the hours i need before i turn 16 in May.

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Drive them on their errands.

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I second the errands, shopping, appointments etc…

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Take a weekend trip to somewhere with one of your parents. You do the driving.

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You have approximately 120 days to earn another 36 hours of driving. With the advice from the others above (errands, shopping, appointments, weekend trip), looks like you are in good shape to reach your goal. Also, can you find another responsible/licensed adult that will let you drive them around.

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All of the above…or you could just get lost. ;)

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Drive the cloverleafs in Atlanta… will be there for days.

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Ask your friends if they need a ride anywhere. If so, do it if you can.

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@Math321 Driving with a permit has to be supervised by an adult over 21 with a valid license.

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:facepalm: Oops.

Well, ask your parents if they need rides anywhere.

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