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If you had to play golf, with one club, which one would it be?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18591points) July 19th, 2018

I am not a golf expert.
No answer will be wrong.

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I’ve only played once so my sentiments lie with that golf club. The Bayonne Golf club.

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Pardon me. I meant, like 9 Iron, sand wedge, Driver, Putter…...

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The Volkswagen Golf Club.

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Dammit Loli!

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Putter. Because no matter how good your fairway shots are (irons, woods, etc.) you still need something accurate for getting the golf ball in the hole.

You can take long shots with a putter, but you can’ really use an iron to putt.

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My last sentence – typo fix -

You can take long shots with a putter, but you can NOT really use an iron to putt.

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My golfer neighbor said a 5 iron.
( I have no personal idea.)

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A midiron (a 2 iron).

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9 iron. I’d chip in from the rough. Doubt my score could be all that much worse than it already is. Haha.

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Let’s see, you’d need something long enough to get to the green is 2 or 3 shots. You’d need enough loft that you could get out of the rough and sand. Tin Cup parred the back nine with a 7 iron. I’m not that long so I’d rather go with a 4 or 5 iron. Take my licks out of the sand but still fairly versatile. A little easier to put with as well.

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9 iron was the first thing that popped into my head.

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For the whole game I would choose a 3 iron, could do long shots wouldn’t be impossible to putt with either.

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Turkey club extra bacon, second choice 7 iron.

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A 3 wood and I have actually done it.

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How would you chip or putt with a wood?

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The face is still the same angle as an iron so you can still putt and chip but you can also drive.

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Hm. You guys know a lot more about golf than I do! Although I did almost get a hole in one once. In Georgia. When I was 7 months pregnant.

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Much like my chauffeur, I go with my driver.

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@ucme – we need a ‘horrible answer’ option.

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Club tropicana drinks are fee, fun & sunshine there’s enough for everyone
All that’s missing is the sea, but don’t worry you can suntan.

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@elbanditoroso . Most of my questions are in Social, to ensure that @ucme, and Loli can contribute. It wouldn’t be the same without them…

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There was a little par 3 that I used to play with a pitching wedge.
I did bring a putter though.

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I’d say a par 3 or 4. I guess you can make any club into a putter.

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