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Are teen boob jobs about confidence or something else?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) December 30th, 2010

Let me get this straight, if you gaze at a woman’s boobs she gripes, if you talk to her chest she gripes, comment on them and she gripes. How many times I have heard the term of wanting to be more than a body part. What is behind so many teen girls wanting to get boob jobs? Be it covered on Oprah, Tyra, Nightline the girls say things like it gave them more confidence, they did not want to be the only one in the posse still in a training bra or the only one not filling out a swimsuit; even the ubiquitous “feeling more like a woman”. Shouldn’t the confidence come no matter what chest size you have? And do the parents who relent or give boob jobs as gift acquiesce to the fact that near flat-chested somehow is lacking? It has gotten so bad Italy at one point had to address it Is that what it will come to here? Can a young woman really have full confidence at size 34A or does she really need to have more?

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Girls in their teens getting boob jobs are insane. Their bodies haven’t finished developing yet.

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Breast enhancement surgery for teens with no underlying medical conditions seems to me to be a form of malpractice. For adult women I don’t hold that view at all. For teens, yes.

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The fashion industry is to blame for most of that. Models use to be paper thin and girls thought to be attractive, she had to be a size zero. Now in attempts to make the models look healthier, and sexy, they are getting boob jobs so they look a little fuller but are still a size zero. Of course in the end it is the parents who either help their daughters feel good about themselves.
My daughter at age 8 thought blond hair was prettier and hated her dark brown hair but she did like her olive skin complexion. So I explained that her skin was made to match her over all look. Like her hair color. No one could’ve made it better. She was perfect the way she came out.
There are so many positives to having small breasts and parents should be prepared to share that with their daughters. Nothing wrong with bigger boobs but nothing is so right about it either. Both, big or small come with good things and bad things.
It is irresponsible of any parent who is looking for a quick way to resolve a daughters self esteem issue. I bet most of those girls found something else to feel negative about later.
Most teens feel bad about one thing or another. Its called the awkward years for a reason. It takes time to grow and change. It isn’t meant to be instant.

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I don’t gripe when someone talks to my chest. I’m proud of them!

I blame parents. If you show your child how to love themself, they won’t think bigger breasts will make them a better person. I think any parent who would consent to breast implants is probably not a parent who encourages self esteem and personal growth.

I can’t imagine a mother or father consenting to plastic surgery on their underaged child who didn’t need it for reconstructive purposes. I overheard a father tell his 10ish looking daughter to whiten her teeth. (Her teeth were as white as mine, and I take care of them!) I noticed his wife had Hollywood white fakish looking teeth.

My sister was a 34A, actually. (Until she had kids and moved up to a B.) She is one of the most confident women I know, and we headbutt every now and again because I think we’re a little… Overconfident?

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This topic has come up many a times on fluther if I recall correctly and I think we’re all in agreement when I say that there is such a thing as being too young for plastic surgery. The body is still growing and shouldn’t be altered until the person is sure that changes after the surgery wouldn’t be too drastic.

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“Shouldn’t the confidence come no matter what chest size you have?” (shouldn’t men then NEVER mention penis size or ask me if it’s the motion in the ocean?)- unfortunately, teenage girls aren’t growing up in an environment that exhibits this idealistic notion and since they’re not stupid and want to be attractive in the way they see signaled to them through society, they want the body parts that will make them so aka give them more confidence. There are many reasons people get plastic surgery (with many men getting boob jobs, as well) and not all of them have with only appealing to others and mostly have to do with appealing to yourself. And newsflash: just because a woman has her boobs done does not give you any more right to comment inappropriately.

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