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Why don't more girls basketball players wear compression shorts under their uniforms?

Asked by Grimmy56 (19points) December 30th, 2010

Just curious because the shorts worn by girls basketball players are often white and see-through, which makes it pretty easy to see a player’s underwear…

Seems like wearing compression shorts would offer players a little more “privacy,” especially when they’re out playing in front of a crowded gym.

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I’m not sure what compression shorts are. Do you mean something like biker spandex pants that are usually dark? Overall, I think it depends on how the girls feel about wearing white shorts. When I went to school, (eons ago) the girls shorts where pretty short and very unflattering so to me this is an improvement. However, parents and fellow fans were more into the game than what they were wearing.

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Too hot? Too restrictive? I don’t really know, for sure, but it’s probably because they’re focused more on playing basketball than anything else.

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Regarding compression shorts, this is what I’m talking about…

So, yes, compression shorts are pretty similar to biker spandex pants.

The pictures I posted with this question do it justice… but only to a point. Some of the shorts I’ve seen teams wear broadcast their players’ undergarments so loud and clear it makes it kind of impossible not to notice. But if regular underwear offer greater mobility/comfort I can see why players would opt for them over compression shorts and live with the transparency issue.

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The underwear is hardly noticable…. who really is going to pay attention / care about that at a basketball game?

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I always thought that compression shorts were to keep a gentleman’s jewels from swinging.

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Compression shorts are used by male and female athletes alike. Among the ranks of female athletes, they’re probably used most often by softball players. They’re certainly used by female basketball players, too – I’m just surprised they’re not used more than they are.

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@Grimmy56 Well in that case, then yes, I think the girls should wear them to hide their undergarments.

When I was in grade school, all of us girls used to do gymnastics on the grass and do swing around moves on the parallel bars. We would not have been caught dead without a pair of shorts on under our dresses! We did not want to give anyone a “free view.”

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