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How’s your bracket holding up?

Asked by josie (30931points) March 23rd, 2019

Any surprises or disappointments?

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Could you explain for those sports-challenged? Not I, I ask for the others.

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Yep, still working.

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I interpreted this as “tax bracket”. Interesting that there are so many iterations.
Which type of bracket, exactly are you meaning?

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Well, my bookshelf is sagging towards the middle, so I need to get to the hardware store today and but a L bracket and screw it into the wall. Otherwise I’ll have a broken piece of wood and books all over the floor.

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It should be better now. I just installed new bushings.

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I sometimes use them when I want to get as much dynamical range as I can get in a landscape photo.
I then bracket two under- and two over exposed.
So far they’re holding up quite good.

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GA’s all!

Thanks for making it fun!

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@josie and yet, I am curious as to what this is about. Would you elaborate?

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Hmmm. So Josie, who have you bet on?

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He’s probably talking about March Madness. Yawn.

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Who let her in here?

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I am betting on NC

But let’s face it. Odds say Duke wins-again.

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Football is bad enough. OMG, it almost literally takes our lives over. We can’t even go camping on nice weekends because he might miss a freaking game! And he’s constantly pour stats and facts at me…this guy who can’t remember my birthday can tell you who the quarterback was back in 1969, which is the last time the Chiefs won a Superbowl, and when HIS birthday is!
I count my blessings that he isn’t into basket ball too. Me personally, I would rather watch basketball than foot ball.

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These are working ok: [ ] regular square brackets

These too: < > angle brackets

And now for the curly braces: { }

Hurray, all in good working order. Thank you for asking.

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Checking mine too….
>_< I hate bassetball. Yep. They work.

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I’ve got:
Women’s: Baylor – Stanford. Winner – Baylor
Men’s: Gonzaga – Virginia. Winner – Gonzaga.

If I’m correct i will invest it all in stock market options.

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