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If you are of sikh religion & dont wear a turban in day to day life do you have to wear one when you go to temple?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) December 31st, 2010

My boyfriend is Sikh (Indian religion) however doesn’t wear a turban in day to day life. I was curious as to whether others that didn’t wear one day to day had to wear one when going to Temple (church)?

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“The dastaar, as the Sikh turban is known, is an article of faith that has been made mandatory by the founders of Sikhism. It is not to be regarded as mere cultural paraphernalia. As Sikhs tie their turbans each day, they should be heedful that it represents a very real commitment to the founders of the Sikh faith. The turban is deeply intertwined with the Sikh identity and is a manifestation of the mission given to all Sikhs.”


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I am not a Sikh my self, however I have known a few of them. One Sikh that I know in the UK wont even take it off to wash his hair, he will unravel it, but he will keep it in contact with his head at all times. This has lead me to believe that it is probably not optional.

I also happen to know that, at least in the UK, Sikhs are excused by law from having to wear a crash helmet when riding a bike or motor bike. If they are willing to risk death to wear it, it cant be something they take lightly.

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I’ve been in a Sikh temple before, but I’m not a Sikh. Anybody can enter a Sikh temple, but you have to have your head covered. They have little scarves and bandanas you can use while you’re there.

So, no. If you are a Sikh and don’t wear a turban in day to day life you don’t have to wear one when you go to the temple. But, you do have to have your head covered with something.

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