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Pencil dress 3" above knee: Too short for Mormon service?

Asked by lilikoi (10105points) September 24th, 2010

Dress is black, knit, has cap sleeves, not low cut or super fitted or anything. Is 3” above the knee for the hemline too short? It’s more like 4” sitting down. Someone told me 2” is the limit. It kind of looks like this although the neckline isn’t so high up.

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Technically yes, it’s supposed to reach your knees. at least back when I was mormon… However, because you’re not a member I don’t think anyone will care.

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Thanks. I am gonna try to dig around and find something that is longer. Not sure I have anything that long :/

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I really wouldn’t stress, I don’t think anyone would be offended or anything. I used to bring friends all the time and they didn’t meet the dress standards. Then again I was a lot younger. But honestly, unless you come across a prick I doubt you’ll get so much as a double glance… Unless it’s a young man checking out the skin he’s not used to seeing. Really though I think LDS people seem to be really nice to newcomers, they are just happy to see new faces.

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If you are not a member you will be looked down even more.

Go as conservative as possible.

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It’s probably going to vary from church to church, but an entire half of my family are Mormon, so I’m pretty familiar with the religion and people that follow it in certain regards. I wouldn’t wear that dress. Not only because of the length, but also because of how much it hugs your form. If you do wear it, I would wear tights and some kind of wrap or sweater around your shoulders.

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jeeze… maybe the church I went to for 13 years was just different than the rest… As well as my whole family. I don’t think it’s bad. I saw plenty of members wear things just like that, just a longer skirt. I still talk to a lot of members on facebook… I’m gonna go get their opinion.

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While I am waiting for a response, I do remember one rule of thumb. Do you know about garments and what not? If you were wearing those and your dress would cover them you should be ok. And I think that dress would cover them.. Except maybe for the length.
The tights thing like @DrasticDreamer said is a good idea if it’s not too hot.

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Thanks everyone. I ended up wearing a different dress with a cardigan to cover the shoulders. It wasn’t quite knee length but it was longer and it wasn’t as curve hugging either.

There was a pretty wide range of dress – from full suits (which is not often seen in Hawaii) to cotton knits so I don’t think I stood out too much. I can def vouch for the covered shoulders and at-knee-or-below rule of thumb though as pretty much all the ladies had those points covered.

I thought I’d be over-dressed wearing a suiting dress, but I don’t think that’d be the case at all.

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yeah they will think you are a hoar!

however in the other churches you can wear basically anything :)

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When in Rome.

I mean Salt Lake City.

Wear something with sleeves.

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