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Was one of the activities you did the 1st hour of New Year 2011 involve Fluther or Tweeting?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) January 1st, 2011

With laptops, Smart phones, etc. Was any of the things you did the 1st hour after New Years was to come to Fluther or send or check a Tweet?

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Yup, I’ve been checking in to all my websites during the past couple of hours.

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Plurk rather than Twitter (they’re similar things) but yes.

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Nope, had some breakfast first.

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I’m guilty:-)

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I’m proud to say “no”!

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No, I just checked out my text messages

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Nope – too busy watching Twilight Zone reruns on the SciFi channel

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Nope! My first activity after midnight was a big hug and smooch with Mr. Fiance.
We’re going into our 10th year together, and he said, “Here’s to another 10 years! ...After that, we’ll see!” So we’ve decided that our relationship will be renewed on 10-year contracts. Just joking, of course – we’re strange like that.
I don’t use Twitter, and I’m just checking in here now, but I did send a text or two after midnight to friends back home.

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Nope. At midnight we said a toast to the new year with our sparkling grape juice, I kissed my husband, and then we all went to bed.

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I did look at fluther right before bedtime, at 12:30. But no tweeting. A lot of posts on Facebook though.

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I wish I could have. But my parents stopped me from using the computer at night. Grr.

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All your base are belong to us.

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It involved playing more video games.

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Nope! It was at least an hour and five minutes before I got back here.

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No way. I was dancing.

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I did Tweet.
I did not Fluther.
We were watching 1,000 ways to die and drinking whiskey.

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Nope. I was sleeping.

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Smooched the wife, made love to the wife, (please no comments on starting the new year with a “bang”), then showered with the wife, and finally, facebooked while drifting off to sleep, cuddled up next to my sweetpea. Best new years eve ever.

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@stevenb Wow, you started off 2011 with the ride of your life…(OK, sorry about that but you backed into it, besides, I am jealous, the 1st part of your New Years I was trying to have but didn’t make it) ;P ;)

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Yes, I did and tv sigh

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“We were watching 1,000 ways to die”

Perhaps you’d like to bet one of your less likable relatives that they can’t swallow an umbrella ;-)

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No the whole night was telephone for me. I was on the phone for three of the four timezone midnights.

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no WAY ! coming back from an Easton Corbin show ;)

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Fluther, yes. Twitter, no.

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