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To all the people that HAVEN'T come from, how did you find Fluther?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25300points) March 26th, 2009

Did you also find it through another Q and A site or is this the only Q and A site you have ever belonged to?

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A few people on another social site, Askville, had told me they “stopped” in here for a while. Only a few of them frequent here. I don’t know why they aren’t here more often. Askville sucks!

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This is the one and only Q and A site I have ever belonged to. And when I will leave it it would be for no one else.
You never forget your first love.

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I used to use Yahoo answers. I think I found Fluther advertised on a gum wrapper. No. Wait. It was on a pack of condoms. No wait. I’m a lesbian. I don’t need condoms. Hmmmm….how did I find Fluther????

I have no idea.

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I was on Askville for a few weeks before I heard about Fluther, so I wasn’t attached to it at all. I feel like Fluther is my first home!

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Through another Fluther member, marissa. She mentioned it last spring, on Askville – then again in August, when Askville suspended some of the members.

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This thread has some good answers.

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Through @PnL, I think, when Askville FIRST started to die.

That site is dead; it just doesn’t want to lay down.

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I found it on Apple’s web apps page under “staff picks”.

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I wandered in off the virtual street, never before been on a social networking site or Q&A site. I got hooked. Now I am mainlining. It’s a tragic story, really.

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Oh! I remember! I bumped into Auggie at a Pancake shop and she told me about it.


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I had never been to any other Q&A site, and I found Fluther when I googled for something.

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I think this is the 3rd time I’ve answered this question. I was referred to this site by a friend, who I can clearly remember showing me the link and explaining the site, even though he now (2 year later) claims that he’s never hear of it. So go figure.

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I heard about it from Insanely Great Tees Who made the Fluther Jellyshirt

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A student suggested it to me.

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I was at a friend’s house while he was using Fluther. I thought it looked interesting so I sign up the next time I had a computer to myself.

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I belong to another site, but it’s not Q&A. It’s more social. I got bored with it and unhappy at the downward path it took.
I found fluther when I googled a question and a fluther response came up.

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There was mention in a NY Times article a few years back.

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drasticdreamer referred me here. We used to belong to another Q&A site that was ravished by a group of misfits who came to us via AnswerBank. I also used to be on a community site called KnowPost. I lurve the lurve I get here though.

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@breedmitch. A few years? Does it seem that long? It was actually April 23, 2008 (well, it was published online on the 23rd and in print on the 24th), the same day I joined.

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Someone at work mentioned it.

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i actually did a google search and this site answered my question, so i signed up!

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I have never been a part of a Q&A site before Fluther. I found it on the SXSW Web Awards site when I went over to vote for Picnik. I came over here to check it out, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

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I found the site through Google, after the latest Q&A site I belonged to was about to go down. The very first Q&A I ever belonged to was called WHquestion, which was actually very popular. After that, I was at Ask-It-Here, which was created by WH users, then I went to BrainFuse (later renamed CereScape), along with most of the old, orginial WHers. After CereScape, I came here and was very surprised and happy to find such a well thought-out Q&A site. One that came closest to resembling WH, which I still have fond memories of.

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Like Cak & Mr_M, I was (I still am some) on Askville. Things started to go south there & many had talked about fluther on there. That’s when I checked it out here.

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Stumble! took me here .

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divine intervention, or divine inspiration

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@essieness Stumble has brought me to some great things. Yet it has brought me to some very bad things

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some magazine, I think Macworld, there was a screenshot with a dock with a Fluther icon. Found the jelly intriguing…

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I came here from Askville, too.

Who knew that as we were up to our necks in Askville bilge water that we would find a wonderful fluther of jellies?

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I also did a google search and it brought me here. And I’ve never left. Ever..
Someone help me

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PCMag or LaptopMag

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I’m a transplant from a failed (but barely functioning) website called Askville just like @SpatzieLover, @Mr_M, @cak, @jbfletcherfan, and @Divalicious.

Just so there’s no confusion, there is Fluther first and foremost and then ‘the rest of the websites’.

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@Bluefreedom I know you’re scarce over there. What are you going to do with all your gold???

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@jbfletcherfan. I’m donating it all to Ben and Andrew in appreciation for their creation of an excellent website called Fluther. If anyone deserves it, they do.

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I see. Too bad it isn’t worth something for real. You have a king’s ransom there.

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I had been on Askville for a little over a year, when someone mentioned fluther. While at Askville, I had had some serious adventures in mental health (or lack thereof), and I had used Askville as a kind of support group. However, it became very cliquey and I felt pretty much left out. I was convinced that if I left, no one would notice. Around the same time, my closest friends on Askville stopped being there.

I realized that Askville was no longer helping me. In fact, it was making me feel worse. I understood that as long as I stayed there, I was going to remain depressed. So, when I became aware of fluther, I came over here, and quickly I decided this was my home, and I dropped Askville completely.

I’ve been much healthier on fluther, and felt more a part of things. When I saw questions appear that could lead towards the formation of cliques or hierarchies, I urged caution, for I knew where that lead. Somehow, it hasn’t happened, and fluther has remained a kind of egalitarian place where everyone seems to care about everyone else.

Recently, I discovered that people also appreciated my presence here, and while that didn’t fit my image of myself, it was very nice, and made me feel better about myself. So, for me, fluther is healthy; much healthier than where I was before. I’m glad to be here.

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Like @willbrawn I found Fluther through Apple top picks. I had never been to a Q&A site and have spent hours in the archives learning.

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By Googling “I don’t need friends,” or something to that effect.

I know, uplifting, right?

(Of course, I don’t think I don’t need friends, just not a whole lot of them.)

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@shilolo: Naw. That was the second mention in the times. I can’t even remember what the first article was about but when I’m at home I’ll search the times site to see. It also corresponds with my joining date which was in the summer of 2007.

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I asked a question on a search engine and fluther came up. So I registered. I have not used any other Q&A site before, though I’ve been a part of several internet communities.

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@daloon I am perplexed how a site about asking questions can make one healthy or unhealthy or even cause depression to come or go??? Perhaps you should remove yourself from the internet entirely for a month or so and find your sense of being and health in your physical world.

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@Daethian: I’m right on it!

how old are you? what do you do? have you ever had any experience with mental illness?

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I created an account, when I needed to ask a question ages before I actually used it.
Fluther thinks my join date is April 22nd, 2008. This is so not true. I started around late August of that year.

Anyway, made the account, fully intended to ask a question, got distracted and forgot about it. Then I came back when I googled something and I kept clicking things for about half an hour before I decided I wanted to join. Then the name was taken. Which…has never happened.

Turns out. I had an account already! Reset the password, dove in, haven’t looked back.

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I was researching for a project (the topic was very opinionated) and someones Q on Fluther came up. I decided I liked the site a joined! :-)

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mpgh, burh, humerumph doy!!! earqay, orao, ire, Uther, En ey ecked um e ay hai! Eh ga uh e ha!! (It’s hard to talk with a gag in your mouth!!:)

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I was surfing the net one bright sunny day when some gnarly thing poped up and knocked me off my board. When I looked the see what I was hit with there was fluther answering a question, asked by someone else, that I also inquried about. Glad I landed here.

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I “Stumbled Upon” Fluther

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oddly, i actually came here while i was looking for inspiration for website designs, and fluther was actually listed on some site for its awesome designing….loved my stay since then, even though i have tried various other Q n A sites, including Yahoo, Chacha, and Ammas….god QnA sites have such wierd names!!!

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@skorned glad you happened upon us.

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Also found it from in search of a birthday present to ask for earlier this month. Bought the pixel tools and timeline shirt.

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@Doggywuv referred me while we were on the self destructing

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Fluther took my Q&A site virginity.

My bf told me about it. I ignored his urging me to check it out for the longest time but boy am I glad I gave in!
I heart fluther <3

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LOL…how did I find Fluther? I was asking a question about Safari 4 and this happened to pop up in the Google search results. Then, it seemed cool, so I joined.

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I found it through Google- asked a question, saw an answer on ‘Fluther’
I was wondering… what’s Fluther??
and I soon discovered that it was an addictive website that I would forever be a part of.

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I tried researching some best Q&A sites and Fluther was one of them….tried it out and here I am!

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