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Have a nickname you despise?

Asked by peedub (8698points) April 9th, 2008

Does it depend on who’s using it?

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I used to be called “The Meat” I kinda got used to it after a while but at first it was just really awkward.

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Yes, I have a nickname I despise. I don’t answer to it anymore.

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C’mon, I won’t tell anyone

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Riser to the occassion. I hated it for two reasons:

1. It reminded me of a Viagra commercial
2. It’s unoriginal

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Gert, haha. Family calls me it, i hate it

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My REAL name is Mandy. My sister is Amy. Growing up, our neighbors dad insisted on calling us Mangey and Angey. I hated it! Mange, gross. I have a good nickname now; my husband’s pet name for me is Muffin.

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Mangey, wow. Not only is that rough but paints a vivid picture.

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I don’t care for the generic “big shooter,” or “sport.”

My friends call me A.B. or Abe. Both of which I like.

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I hate it when people call you by something coincidentally identifying. For example, if you have a SF Giants shirt on and they shout:

“Hey, SF Giants, c’mere.”

Or whatever they define you as. Alot of older people like to call me “hippy” jokingly because my hair is long. Even though I’m everything hippies aren’t.

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My sister occasionally calls me Snuffleupagus on account of my eyelashes. Usually it’s accompanied by bouts of staring for the purposes of making me uncomfortable, which she finds hilarious.

Also, my posse calls me “Pinky” on the slopes because I made the mistake of borrowing my dad’s totally 80’s ski outfit the first time I joined them on their annual trip. I prefer “Greenky” now that I have some proper(ly colored) gear.

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@Spargett- I feel you. There was this one time when I was walking on the sidewalk in front of a house with maybe ten homies on the porch, wearing red Chuck Taylors. All I can remember them saying was ‘hey clown-shoes, come ‘ere clown shoes.’
I guess this is a little different.

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well I hate anna banana! For some reason people don’t understand my name is ANNA not Ana, or Annie its Anna! But my favorite nick names are from my husband and those are smoothie and jiggly butt!

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My name is Eric, but for some reason my friends call me Craig… I’ve grown used to it and have actually started to respond to it, but I don’t even know what the origin is.

Another annoying nickname I have is Yeric Ambrosini because this one substitute teacher had an extremely heavy accent and actually added syllables to my name.

What annoys me is when somone I don’t know/not friends with calls me by one of those names.

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people call me crim or crimbo or crimbizzle and that is nothing like my name at all

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MEATBALL!!! Terrible nickname growing up. Now I answer to Cupcake Face, Muffinhead, Mama, tortuga, or my last name. It actually kind of creeps me out when someone calls me my first name who I don’t know well.

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Wow, so varied. You must hang out with some creative people.

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Just names that my hubby & kids have adopted. I’m sure my 8th grade students come up with much more creative names.

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Kids can be harsh behind your back. You might be better off not knowing what they say.

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Punkin.. it’s from my mom and just embarrassing. And i just told it to the entire Fluther network.

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@gimmedat: Our nicknames are the same! (except for the whole ”-ball” part)

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I have one I really hate!! But I don’t answer to it!! I also have two good nicknames!!

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My grandma used to call me “gummies” when I was little because when I would smile my gums would show. I’m not really down for my friends calling me this.

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My family called me Meggie-Roo, becuase I would just jump around all over the place. Then there was Meggie-Moo, becuase I talked alot!! Now its Meggie-Meg-Meg-Megs!!! Haha because all the little kids love to annoy me!!!

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Mooo, Dooooooooooo

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hey there might be a connection there!!!

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There isn’t just one. I have different nicknames from different people.

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Like ?

Please share.

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