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What was your pet name as a child?

Asked by sakura (8267points) November 5th, 2009

I was always called Dollyflop by my dad or if I did something silly he would call me a duck egg!! I sometimes call my daughter spud, or spudnick or sweet pea! I was wondering if anybody else used to have a pet name that was given to them by their parents or call their childrne by pet names?

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You piece of shit.

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@pdworkin I was hoping for nicer answers than that I hope life is better for you now

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That’ the truth. It’s the best I can do.

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Well. Aside from the negative ones that probably have @pdworkin beat, I was called Puddie, because of Sylvester and Tweetie. That evolved to Puddin. Other than that, it was just Madi and all the negative ones.

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Skeezix (by mom & a customer at our bar)
Honey child (by my gramps)
My parents made some up from German words, as well…my name on here is one of ‘em…Spatzie (Spuhtzie) is shortened from the German word for sparrow, Spatzen. We have a bunch of German words for kiss that we use, too

We call our son: SugarPlum, Pumpkin and my husband likes to call him Pumpernickel, too…(besides the usual sweetykins, sweet-heart, sweet-pea-etc)

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Plur (Not sure how I got it. Probably mispronounced something).

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@pdworkin I am sure it’s true you were called it and I am sorry for that, but I am sure it isn’t true that you are a piece of s***t :o)

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@pdworkin I’ m sorry. No child deserves that. :(

Monkey Head. It was cute as a kid, but when I was called that in public at 14, it got a little awkward. :)

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@pdworkin You just gave me another thing to be grateful for today. I’m sorry that your abusive parents never called you their sweety, even with the abuse, I received terms of endearment

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My parents called me “X-man” (don’t ask me how it started), I also got called “Dom”, “Dommy”, and probably a few others that I can’t seem to think of at the moment. They would also address me with more generic terms like “sweet pea”, “sweety”, “sweetheart”, “honey”, etc.

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hija de puta
(literal translation, “daughter of a bitch”) but in Spanish it’s the equivalent of calling someone a son of a bitch, when they are female.

Interestingly enough, it was my Mom who spoke to me that way. I remember one day realizing she was insulting herself… so I pointed this out and she stopped calling me that :)

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That makes me so sad. :(

I was Lisa-Pooh (after my favorite Winnie-the-Pooh), and somehow I became Lisa-Pooh-Noodle.

My girls are all girly-Qs, and one is JessieBean (Beano for short), one is MaddieCakes/Snakes (depending on which parent you ask), and one is LaineyBug/LainaBug.

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Nothing particularly original – Pumpkin. I call my daughter Pumpkin or Bug.

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“Missy”, in reference to my smart mouth and 4-year-old sassiness when I started living with my guardian. She tamped down the sass (and how!), but the nickname stuck until I demanded she stop using it when I was 19.

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@pdworkin You just gave me my first good laugh of the day, that was hilarious.

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I didn’t have one as a child… unfortunately I have a couple now thanks to my wife: Erichy and Babe.

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My family didn’t have any for me but later on in high school, friends named me “mighty munchkin” and “creature”.

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I didn’t have one as a child either. But I call my daughter bunny right now and plan to continue that pet name after she is born, lol.

Now my husband has several. Some of which are Sangz, Beeks, and Sneakers.

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Nothing crazy, just “Chuckie.”

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Chuckie sounds pretty crazy to me!

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For some reason this girl I knew way back when was called “Butterface”.

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They were pretty plain, either “baby” or “jeanner”. They still call me “jeanner”.

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That…is not a term of endearment…

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button, makes me sad, pdworkin

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My mom called me J Leslie at times, especially in crowded public places (my actual first name begins with a J).

My dad called me sweetie until about age 12 when I told him I didn’t like it anymore.

My husband has many more for me…Tana, Nena, and more).

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Sonny Boy and Joey.

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Shit-head; I know it sounds really bad but I loved my nick name! My Dad use to always call me it because I was a witty little twerp who could always make him laugh and smile ^_^ he still calls me it to this day and I wouldn’t change it for the world <3

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‘Cricket’.. and I’m nearly 25 and my bloody mother still uses it in company!

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@Chrissi85 Ah, that is so cute!

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Yeah, so cute in front of your friends when you are 17 and your entire world revolves around trying to look semi-cool hehe

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Did anyone elses dad (or mum) refer to children as ‘chilblains’ ? or is it just my dad and his crazyness

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I was “Ali-gator” and I loved it. I even have a little alligator tattoo.

my mom liked to use “poophead.” She meant it lovingly, never in a negative sense. my mom’s the best. Except when she constantly used it in front of my friends.

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My Dad also calls my younger sister “Gibblets”; he has for years and one day looked up the meaning.. he laughed his ass off; she was mortified. hahahahhahaha


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@SheWasAll_ I call my kitten poophead or poopie-shit all the time!

My dad called all of us kids “pookindorfers.” Just a word he made up. I assume it’s a term of endearment, but maybe to my dad it’s an insult and he’s been having a laugh at our expense for the past 22 years :P

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@SpatzieLover yah that def. could have worked, but we as a family decided that her name was slang for a guys junk, hahaha!

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@ElleBee I like your dad, I think. :D

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Booger Red, ugliest kid alive or dead.

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@avvooooooo He’s fantastic! I couldn’t imagine a better Dad <3

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@Chrissi85 Never heard anyone refer to their kids as that. But it’s quite a clever name. Annoying little pains that go away soon enough

The closest thing I had to a nickname was Kev. How clever my family was, chopping off the last two letters of my name. That one less syllable saves so much time.

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lynniepoos…. or ginger,... (with two hard ‘g’s) grrrrr

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My cat’s name was Blacky.

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Holly-wolly (sometimes with a doodle)

I call my son Bubba for some reason. I think it evolved from “baby.” Baby>bubby>bubba.

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Mine was ”‘My name’ the contrary”

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My middle name is Shikara (American Indian for “little flower”) so my ma always called me “Kara” for short. My grandparents and uncles still call me “sis” and my best friend calls me “Cry” because my first name is Crystal. (I call her “Al” because her name is Alicia…see the pattern? LOL)

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@all THANKS so much for all of the responses it’s interesting to see so many pet names :o)

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Stinky Tinky

I call my son Bug, a lot. Or Casheroo. We used to call him Cashew, but not too often anymore.

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My name is Michelle, so my family (especially my parents) called me Mishy or MishyPoo for short. Before my younger sister could say my full name, she called me Well so that stuck for awhile.

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I was Bug or Bean, depending on who was talking to me.

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Bethy, Boobie Only my parents call me that
Both of which I am still called, even though I’ve voiced my dislike of them.

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Davey-baby, until I was about 20.

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@sarah826 My mom also used to call me Little Miss ChatterBox!

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Just the normal; sweetie, honey or adding ie on the end of my real name or sometimes punkin.

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My grandpa called me Dingbat, my sisters still call me Janie-Poo and Yani, my mom calls me Janna (pronounced Yanna), and my dad just calls me Janie.

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@rockstargrrrlie my daughter is Michelle and her sister calls her Misha or Meeshie.

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My family called me all kinds of nicknames.
My mom has called me Boopers since I was born. I’m sure I’ll be Boopers until the day I die.
My uncle’s nickname for me is AllieOop or Al. When he talks about me to other people, he sometimes refers to me as his cub, too.
My grandma calls me AllieCat. My grandpa calls me AllieGator.
My great-grandparents called me Mija (which is Spanish slang for “my daughter.”)

When I was younger they all called me Flash. I liked really bright colors and things that were shiny. I still do, but the nickname has since been replaced. Sometimes it makes a comeback and I get a flashback to when I was 5–12.

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When my Mom was angry with me, she called me Lady Jane. My favorite grandfather called me Susie or tow head, and my Dad called me Kimmie. ( My name is Kim)

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My parents would always want to call me Princess Jasmine because I loved her so much. My mom calls me silly goose at times..=/

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My dad called me spizzerinktum. I always thought it was just something he made up, till I looked it up one day!
@ubersiren , my youngest son called himself “Bubba” when he was little. I don’t know where he came up w/it as we never used it. He also named his goldfish that, but in a way I always heard as hyphenated: “Bubba-the-fish”.

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Beetlebomb-my brother still uses it

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katiebird (name is katherine) or birdgirl?

No clue wear this names came from, I’ve asked my parents if I had some kind of infatuation with birds as a child and they said no that it was just the name that came to them?

to this day (as a 21 year old) my parents and family friends still called me “bird”

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La Baby (by my Grandpa,) Rigelingis ([spanish vowels] by my Grandma,) Stinky (by the younger of my two aunts) Rigee, Chuckie, Chuppy (uh, no ooh,) Chuppinsky, Chuppinskya, Chuppindoodle, Chicken Little… it goes on…

Currently: Rigee, Chicken-Little, rigelface, creature(face)

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I was House Mouse and as I got older it was shortened to Mouse. My oldest son started out as Monkey then it morphed into Monk, now he is Monk, the middle is Mini Monk and the youngest is either Baby Monk or Cosmo. W

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@mattbrowne I pray you are joking with us!!!!

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@all…._Muschi is the German word for “pussy“__

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@Allie, my uncle always called me (and still does) Talioop.

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@IBERnineD I was called Yani too! My dad’s favourite was Fruitcake! He still uses it to this day but he’s the only one who has ever called me that. He also calls me Princess from time to time.

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@SpatzieLover – Well, like so many words, Muschi has at least two meanings. It’s in fact a very common name for cats, see for example

And you are correct about the second meaning. We got the cat when I was 8 or so and only later did I realize that there’s another meaning as well.

Same in English. There are anal grammar experts and there are anal fissures.

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@mattbrowne I know…BUT…after a certain age here kids snicker at Mother Goose due to that word usage ;) Just as they do in Germany!

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@SpatzieLover – Well, actually my mother suggested the cat’s name and asked us whether we like it. When I was older I thought nothing of it. If you go to

there’s a cat called Pussy as well.

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My dad used to call me Snooks. :-)

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I was alway called Sissy, but in a good way. The name stuck with me all through school and even now, my family and friends still call me that.

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@pearls are you this Sissy?

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Franka Potente is so attractive.

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Lucy,Baba Louie,Grace,Bullhead ,Your Highness,and Jesus Christ!!! lol!

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little strawberry.

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welcome to fluther @kokko

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thank u sakura :)

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Beetsy and Fleabag. :)
I still respond to both.

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Mikey Moose and Michelangelo.

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Roo, twerp, squirt, runt, fred, sam, harry.

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When my Dad was around people always called me gabby tabby.

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I was called, “that brat.”

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My nick name was Russell the love muscle, which I learned in high school and in my work place. I work in a hotel and my co-worker will say here comes Russell the love muscle. I tell them do not beleive eveything you hear.

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