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How many of you are SCOTCH drinkers?

Asked by judochop (16104points) April 9th, 2008

Just a show of hands, where do you live? Do you like a good scotch like Dewar’s 12 or White Label? I just learned alot about it and I think it is my new drink

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I’m not a big scotch fan, yet anyways. I want to like it, but its gonna take some work. I am however, a huge fan of whisky and wine.

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Sign me up- smokey in scotch, smokey in mezcal.

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Love the Scotch. The Glenlivet.

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sure I drink anything!

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One of the few liquors I will still drink.

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I’m in…
Ballentine’s is my everyday “Blended” Scotch…
As for single malts, Cragganmore and Glenlivit.
Check out
Reviews and tasting notes…Good info…

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Scotch is definitely my favourite spirit. I prefer the coastal or island malts.

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@boffin — you are right about Ballantine’s, my favorite “day-to-day” Scotch too.

In single malts, the last two purchases were Talisker and Laphroaig. The latter is more of an acquired taste than the first.
I was not all that impressed with Ballantine’s 12.


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I’m new still never had a single malt. :(

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Johnny Walker. Black or Blue.

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Yes! Johnny Walker. Black is good, I had Green once and LOVED that. Never had blue.

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Not me I tried many but to me none of them taste any good. They taste flat or dull to me

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Would love to try the Blue! Pretty pricey, eh?

Any Scotch drinkers that absolutely can’t drink any other type of whiskey after Scotch?

Bourbon tastes sooooo sweet after many years of Scotch.

How do you guy’s drink it? Water and Ice? Just Ice? Out of the Bottle? j/k

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Canadian whisky is great and very underrated.

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@peedub Right on. Crown Royal is a second favorite for me.

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Johnny walker black. Single malt is far too sophisticated for my palate at my age so I stick to Black and it never disappoints. Blue is like drinking unicorn piss, unforgettably good.

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I can’t finda shot of blue anywhere for less then 30 bucks and that place was back in NJ, I probably can’t get for under 50 here in Souther Cali.

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