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Do you lose your unemployment benefits if you've worked at a job for 3 years, find a new job, and then lose your new job (after a few months)?

Asked by sunrunner (120points) January 3rd, 2011

I know this might depend on the state, but I’m curious as to the general unemployment benefits principle…

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Unemployment benefit restrictions are generally accumulative within a given time period. If you receive for (x) number of weeks, the next benefit period will start with (x+) weeks until you have used it all up. The counting probably starts up again after a given length of time, but I’m not sure about that part.

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Usually, they go back a certain number of quarters so your previous job will count toward your unemployment.

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My husband was laid off over a year ago from his old job, then rehired when work picked back up again. He later switched jobs and was only at the new job for about 6 months before being laid off again. He still qualifies for benefits. In fact, they calculated his earnings based on the old job (which was good for us, because he made more there.) So, I think you’ll be fine.

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Every state has their own rules regarding this. Generally you still get covered by UI if you have a perm job and were let go due to things beyond your control. As long as it was a workforce reduction and not something that you were guilty of not performing or performing as part of your job, you should be ok. Be ready to appeal if the state or the employer denies your claim.

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