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What jobs are safe?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) February 3rd, 2009

This obviously depends on the region, where you are in your career, how good you are at your job, etc., but notwithstanding these variables, what jobs are generally safe in the current (February 2009) economy?

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Those connected with death and taxes (and here those connected with snow and grass.)

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Home health care workers, math, science and special education teachers, speech language pathologists.

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We’re pretty safe from downsizing here in the military. :)

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@StellarAirman Lurve for the Military!

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There is a huge shortage of trained solar panel installers, and a huge demand for them.

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Most healthcare, though nurses are particularly safe.

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With any luck, that will include healthcare software/IT

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I’m a designer that does a lot of work within the healthcare industry. Though the design can be fairly monotonous and regulated at times, it has remained pretty stable up to this point.

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Medical or working in a pawn shop or bar.

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Don’t be fooled by all of the ‘lite’ news articles that suggest healthcare is the place to go. Only clinical medical jobs are really safe, like Nurses, MDs, NDs, nurse assistants and other patient-care oriented positions. Many organizations are downsizing, holding off on major projects, implementing hiring freezes and combining positions to weather the storm.

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To follow up on figbash’s point, the ER where my wife works has had two nurses leave just from her shift, the hospital won’t be filling those positions for the time being and instead made additional hours available for overtime on an as needed basis. Contract nurses are also being told their hours are up for grabs.

When unemployment goes up the low percentage of people who pay their medical bills gets even lower, and health care providers suffer like everyone else.

However, the man in the Bentley said the foreclosure business is good right now… go figure.

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freelancing jobs—there’s a need for articles even now

Health care—more and more people are getting sick or depressed due to depression. So, health care sector would be busy

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@funkdaddy: Absolutely! Even the already overworked nurses are asked to do more with less as they lose their higher-salaried nurse managers and other support staff.

Your wife works in an ER? Awesome. I have a special love for ER staff of all types!!

@discover: Because many people are losing their jobs (in most cases) they’re also losing their health insurance – which means they’re holding off on routine care, or mental health needs and then going to the ER (ergo, need for more nurses) only when it gets really bad. Less patients with insurance means less revenue for healthcare and as a result, they scale back everywhere they can.

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bankruptcy lawyers!

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No jobs are safe. There’s no guarentee anywhere.

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Trades. Consumers are finally getting over the mentality of “need to have new”, so all sorts of trades are coming back in style as consumers choose to repair what they have instead of buying new. Furniture repair and automotive care are two that will be very much safe. Plumbers and electricians have a bit of a tougher time with less houses being built, but their talents are always in demand, after all we all have wires and pipes. The secondhand industry, pawn shops and thrift stores, will see an increase in usage as well.

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I know an accountant in a firm specialising in bankruptcy. She’s never been busier.

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