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Have you found yourself asking the same question twice?

Asked by wundayatta (58617points) January 3rd, 2011

I was having a midnight snack and I thought I’d ask what other people were eating, only to discover I had asked the same question only three months ago! I find this weirdly comforting and frightening.

It’s kind of nice to know I’m consistent and think the same things over time. But it’s frightening to think I may be set in certain thinking patterns, if not eating habits. I wonder if I was eating the same thing back then: an avocado sandwich.

Oh God: I’m kind of partial to avocado sandwiches, mint cookies, cheese and crackers, and various fruit juices.

I’m eating an avocado sandwich and orange juice right now! I had a few mint cookies earlier.

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I have found myself wondering if I had already asked a question that I am thinking about asking. I recently asked about the awards we get, and I might have asked about it before, I am not sure. I even sort of worded the question like I might have asked it before.

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I seldom ask the same question once, so don’t feel bad.

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Didn’t you already ask this? ;-)

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Clearly a glitch in the Matrix

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@wundayatta Considering you have asked over a thousand questions, I think you can give yourself a pass on this oversight or reword it into a new question like…“what do you like to snack on while waiting for answers to your questions here?” ;)

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Have I asked the same question twice?
Have I asked the same question twice?

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This is the department of redundancy department.

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