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Is it bad to always hold in your farts?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 6th, 2011

I’d rather not pass gas lol. But in all seriousness, can it be bad for me in any way, shape or form to always hold in my farts? Serious answeres only please. jokes that no one thinks are funny are not welcome as answers lol.

I am 19 and am a male.

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Yes holding on farts is BAD for you…

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My father’s doctor told him not to, because of his heart condition.

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It will all come out eventually anyway. If you hold them back you’ll just fart more later.

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Possibly but highly unlikely. You could get a stomach ache from the build up of gas pressure or cause distention of the bowels or hemorrhoids from holding farts in too much. Personally I cinch it up and release it slowly, preferably while walking around so that no one gets a good whiff.

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@Winters crop dusting? That’s my dad’s favorite too. I seem to hold it in while I sleep, because when I wake up my insides hurt a lot and for the next few minutes no one wants to be around me. So I imagine that it’s bad for you.

One time, the first year I was married, I was sleeping facing toward my wife and every couple of minutes I’d roll over, still sleeping, put my butt on my wife and let one rip. I kept doing that all night long I was told. I asked her why she didn’t wake me up, and she said she tried by repeating punches to my arm. I said “Ahh, that’s why my arms hurts.” My family still gets a chuckle out of that story to this day.

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Lest anyone be stymied coming up with a proper descriptor

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Yes its bad for your innards to hold in flatulance. Remember, there’s more air out there than it is inside. Your fart will eventully dissipate when you let it out, so don’t hold it in….let it go.

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Please release me, let me be free is my motto; inevitably, it always occurs when some one of import wants to inhabit near my office space to my misfortune, or theirs..

Good diet is the key.

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It won’t hurt you in any way and everyone around you will like you better for it.

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@BarnacleBill I doubt that anyone could read that list and not smile. I can’t believe that “the green cloud” didn’t make the list though.

Anyway, if you held in your gas for too long and the pressure built up too high then you may cause an inguinal hernia.

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@gondwanalon I wanna see the stats for that one.

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@faye I don’t have any proof for intestinal gas pressure causing inguinal hernias. But sometimes I have an urgent feeling to have BM with gas pressure buildup (sometimes it is very painful) while I’m out jogging. I have to hold it in because there is no place to poop. Over a period of >30 years of regular jogging I’ve had 2 unexplained inguinal hernias.

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I don’t know that it’s bad for you, but why bother holding it in when you’re alone or in the bathroom? I make sure to not pass gas in front of others (if I can help it), but if no one’s around just let ‘er rip. If you’re having gas pain, just go to the bathroom. Anyone in there has heard much worse, I’m sure.

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@gondwanalon I don’t think so, unless your abs are very weak.

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thank you for your answers everyone!

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@faye Abdominal muscles don’t hold in your guts. Abdominal fascia hold the guts in and that is my weakness. My doctor told me that my abdominal fascia is weak. He also told me that building up my abdominal muscles won’t stop me from getting another hernia. Nevertheless I do abdominal exercises (among other warm-up exercises) before I go jogging everyday. My abdominal exercises include: leg lifts with and without weights, sit-ups, roll-outs, plus 2 exercises with one of those big balls.

My doctor said that people can get an inguinal hernia from pushing too hard while trying to generate a BM (something that I never do). So why is it unreasonable to hypothesis that someone might develop a hernia from high pressure gas build up within the guts pushing out? Especially is that someone has weak abdominal fascia.

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Everybody passes gas, why would you need to always hold it in? No, I don’t suppose it’s bad for you, but it would be very uncomfortable. I am 31 and female.

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