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One typed page= ? handwritten?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) April 9th, 2008

Does anyone have experience with this? If I have about 1.5 pages of (single spaced!!) 12 pt font, Times New Roman text, how many pages will this take up if I handwrite it? I have normal/medium sized handwriting.

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Handwrite it on college ruled notebook paper, fronts only. : )

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Last I figured, one full type-written page was about 2.5 handwritten, or at least pretty close.

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I agree with watson on that one. You could always do some kind of ratio to figure it out. Copy a couple lines from the computer and see how long it takes on notebook paper. Then just compare it- if 2 computer lines takes up 5 paper lines, then count the lines on the computer [usually there’s something in the program that will tell you] and multiply by 5/2 to estimate how long it’d take on paper.

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You wacky math major. <.<

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My (no pun intended) old high school English teacher used to pound into our heads that one typed page of single spaced, 12 new times roman is equal to 3 written pages. Of course that’s along with the damn poem, “The Color Purple”.

Did I mention she was crazy?

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Or… You could just write out one page and have a perfect scale for your own handwriting.

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Ask your professor what his standards are; if he wants them typed, then turning in handwritten papers is just asking for them to be handed back to you with no grade.

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Obviously, cwilbur. I think most people know that by the time they get to college – handwritten is hardly the general expectation. : )

This is specifically supposed to be five handwritten pages. And as I always type, I have no idea how many words/how much information is on a page like that. But I have 1.5 pages of typed text so from what everyone’s saying that sounds about right.

Thanks guys!

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