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Newports or Kools?

Asked by classykeyser (508points) January 7th, 2011

What is the best menthol on the market?

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Both of them do the same thing. Once people find out they are trying to bum a menthol they walk away. So it doesn’t really matter.

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Wow, blast from the past. Back in the day, Kools were my drug of choice, as they were stronger and less likely to be bummed.

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Give them ALL up now! If you live long enough, you’ll wish you had.

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The best menthol on the market is cough drops.

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A sign posted in The Mayo Clinic states: If You Have To Smoke, Do Not Smoke Salems.

I wonder why Salem cigarettes and not also Kool and Newport?

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HA HA…they’ll both kill you.

In my smoking days, we used to joke about smoking Kools when we had a cold.

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Newport all the way. Fuck me if they’re not the most expensive thing to smoke though.

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Niether. I don’t like menthols. I prefer Marlboro Reds or Camels full flavor. I also like quality cigars. Menthols taste nasty to me.

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Newps have a tone of fiberglass in there. gross!

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@JilltheTooth is onto something, though. I’m pretty sure that Newport smokers have to deal with people bumming smokes more than anyone.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I first started smoking them around 15 years ago, and it was great, because nobody wanted them at all. Now it’s all people will smoke.

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@Afos22 There is no fiberglass in Newports or any other cigarette. That is an urban legend. If any cigarettes contained fiberglass you’d be hacking up blood within a week.

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@classykeyser thanks for the enlightenment

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Well, I was smoking Newports then they got really expensive. I was introduced to Marlboro Smooths ( they have a spearmint flavor to them). I actually like those more, plus their cheaper.

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